Cringeworthy – 2 Naive White Girls Sing “I’m Ashamed To Be an American”

This is so sad. This is what are school systems have done.

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  1. This. This right here is why this place is the worst porn site EVAH.

    It’s like you come home and say to yourself “HOW CAN I F*CK WITH MY PEEPS TONIGHT!?!?!”

    Gonna’ need a lot of Donald Fagan to wash that down with.

  2. These unattractive Antifa girls like to use the F-word a lot. They must be begging for some limp-wristed skinny soy boy to service them.

  3. Were they ashamed of America during the 8 years a Half-Black man was President, or did they become ashamed of America since 2017 ??

  4. Go find another country to live in that will allow you to make videos like this!

    I have a distant relative that walked the Trail of Tears as a white preacher. If you two aren’t willing to do something like that, go F yourselves.

  5. Just TRY to get thru this Fleccas Talks video.

    He did a great job putting all the lunacy together in a single 30 minute video. It’s incredibly difficult to watch. And it’s apparently only one week worth of stupidity. How far down the shit pipe have we gone? Pretty damn far. It is peppered with clips of reason to make it better, but its still rough.

  6. Someone needs to ask them the real straight-forward basic question. Instead helping them achieve the attention they are seeking from the media and blog. likely for some Butt-Book staged attempt at popularity.

    Since you have stated you hate America, are you willing to officially renounce your US Citizenship and immigrate to a country more suitable to your core beliefs?

  7. I’m ashamed that THEY are American.
    (I refuse to watch the video)
    I know shit when I smell it.

  8. And we’re hoping that Trump can pull some additional black votes from the dems while they have almost complete control over the youth.
    It’s discouraging.

  9. There’s a cure for that, y’know. Stupid white chicks can pack up their shit an move to Africa where e’rybody be free, an shit, and negroes got wings and build pyramids, an shit.

    Nobody here wants ya or needs ya. Yo prolly be some fat mattresses for some gangstas or some shit, but for the most part, youse is useless. Cum socks.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. It all starts and needs to end in our schools and colleges.
    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear liberal parents complaining about the conservative patriotic God fearing professors where they sent their kids.

  11. If they’re so ashamed… Then why haven’t they put Plastic Bags over their heads and taken deep breaths… They’d do the world a favor!

  12. They don’t even meet the criteria for Epstein fodder.
    It’s not only your 15 seconds of fame, it’s whether you use it wisely or squander it.
    Consider yourselves squandered.

  13. These 2 pasty white chicks give Moby Dick a run for his money and epitomize the old bumper sticker that said Save the whales, harpoon a fat chick. No self respecting white guy would touch either one of these dumb chicks with a 10 foot pecker. And black guys should know better.

  14. Did you catch the slug on the bottom right, “Midwestqueer”? And they posted this on the ChiCom’s TikTok.

  15. I don’t understand these young people. When I was 20 I left the country to go hitch hiking in Europe. 15 years later I came back and boy, was I glad to be back in America! Why don’t these complainers put their money where their mouth is and leave the country and see how the rest of the world compares to the USA. Their criticisms are based on lies so they are not valid. We don’t need them here.

  16. Those two chubby dykes should move to Saudi Arabia. Their kind gets thrown off buildings and/or stoned to death.

  17. When I was their age I had three jobs and went to school full time; didn’t have time for such foolishness.


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