Critics: Sanders made mistake not going after Hillary Clinton

Lost opportunity to question her integrity.



Sen. Bernard Sanders famously said he wasn’t going to make an issue of Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails,” and some analysts say he’s paid a steep price for that decision.

For the Vermont independent, the choice was a principled one: He said he wanted to fight the election on issues he thought voters cared about, and progressive leaders maintain that Mr. Sanders would’ve done little to help his candidacy by zeroing in on the email issue.

But the decision undoubtedly allowed Mrs. Clinton to hurdle some of the deepest questions about her candidacy and avoid tackling the root causes of why so many voters find her untrustworthy.

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14 Comments on Critics: Sanders made mistake not going after Hillary Clinton

  1. Hillary is way ahead of Bernie in Arkansas in the early voting. Polls open today.

    Before the polls opened in Arkansas today, Trump had 80 deligates, Cruz had 17, Rubio had 16.

  2. Yea, Sanders needs to call out Hillary because having her convicted sex offending husband speak about her innocence involving criminal cases with blood on her hands isn’t enough to show progressives how absolutely fucking stupid they are.

  3. No, I think Sam nails it.
    This is nothing more than a well rehearsed shit-show.
    Sanders doesn’t want to win, and he knows he can’t win.
    He’s a shill for Hillary, and will also be her running mate.
    Otherwise, the Sanders sheep will pout and stay home on election day.

  4. Oh good Lord! Death_by_farts mentioned a running mate for Hillary! Just when you think you are resigned to having a criminal president, who will be her running mate. Let’s see; Charles Manson, former congressman Weiner; Scot Peterson………..?

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