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  1. Wonderful compilation, Claudia. I have a feeling that is the best Olympics we’ll see this summer.

  2. Beautiful.
    More honest and true to form than what’s going on in Rio, but I have a feeling those two at the end are a couple of cheetahs…
    (said in my best Bwoston accent)

  3. Terrific, Claudia.
    Maybe your best ever.
    The first one cracked me up, and it just got better from there.
    The dog on the rings looks like he’s just chillin’.

  4. The monkey on the goat cracks me up at the serious looks on both their faces! 😀 Great collection Claudia!

  5. I love the bird straddling the two reeds. Hope the deer made it out of the pool. Thanks, Claudia!

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