Cross Country Athlete of the Week is a Male


The Big Sky Conference named University of Montana runner June Eastwood, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, the cross-country female athlete of the week.

The University of Montana’s athletic director previously cited NCAA policy in explaining why Eastwood was competing on the women’s team. The NCAA allows male runners who identify as transgender women to compete in women’s athletics after suppressing testosterone levels for a full calendar year.

Scientific research indicates male athletes retain competitive advantages over female athletes, even after suppressing testosterone.


Hey feminists. It looks like men are better at being women than women.

How do you like those apples?

28 Comments on Cross Country Athlete of the Week is a Male

  1. I’m just lying back in my Title 9 recliner and enjoying the show.

    Can’t tell you how this cat fight will end. Other than…not well.

    Pass the popcorn please.

  2. we got pussy males wompin’ the shit out of the females … wow, who ever saw this one coming?

    btw … what, exactly, is their definition of ‘suppressed testosterone’? … watching ‘The View’ for a year? enjoying Disney Star Wars?

  3. This first started when the Bigfoot started fucking Buffalo around 1026 AD and then when the Buffalo had some bad years the Bigfoot started fucking raccoons and ground squirrels….any port in a storm…Ya know….

  4. just think how much better he coulda been if he didn’t have those ‘nads slappin’ against his thighs

    … or do ‘female’ athletes regulation track uniforms now come w/ jock straps?

  5. On one hand, I’m sorry for the women athletes and want it to stop. On the other, I’m leaning toward letting this insanity continue until all women are so sick of the liberal lunacy they make a right turn and never vote democrat again.

  6. Suppression of testosterone will not remove skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular advantages that have already been built into the system of a man who ID’s as a “woman”.

  7. So tired of this crap. Real feminism is about real girls/women really accomplishing something in the real world.
    Participation trophies for everyone and women’s trophies going to confused men discourages everyone.

  8. The winner of that bike race said that biological women should just up their game to compete with the transgendered men. If they could do that then we wouldn’t really need separate men’s and women’s sports then, would we?

  9. Don’t look like he had any problem breaking through that “glass ceiling.”

    My guess is that the dude couldn’t win in the “men’s” competition.
    And too old for the “peewee” competition.

    Come to think of it, maybe Kaepernick should hack off his “stuff” and go out for women’s soccer – he’s sure to be a star.
    Or, if he could successfully fight that whole “ageism” thing he could be a leading player in peewee football.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. If our “Strong independent Women” are willing to put up with, even embrace, this madness why should I care? Why should I care at all?

  11. With 8 yrs of influence provided by Michelle Obama and his hero status force fed to the public why is any of this insanity a surprise?

  12. Feminism has turned America women into barren, crazy sluts, and made them miserable.

    Now, weirdo men are setting back women 100 years.

    Wake up, you dumb broads!

  13. I hope before it’s all over to see all male Olympic teams beating all the women. Maybe then people will wake up from this delusion.

  14. Get rid of unconstitutional Title Nine and Let everyone be judged on the content of their character not on high high they can jump, throw a ball or pee standing up!

  15. The single biggest mistake any conservative website can make is to capitulate and grant these degenerates the attestation that the alphabet legion desires. They are sick and need proper help not enabling.


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