Crossing Burger King off my list

Believe it or not I did frequent Burger King. I liked the custom soda kiosk. No more.

What did they do?

“Milkshaking” is a stupid protest that is springing up in Great Britain. Leftists are throwing shakes on conservatives.

In Scotland they actually asked McDonalds not to sell shakes when conservative politicians were in the area campaigning.

Burger King tweeted THIS–>

see the fallout HERE



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  1. I sent an e-mail from work and let them have it.

    I told them “IT appears you have given up on Western Civilization and white people”.

    And how “I like McD’s, when I want JUNK food, better than there JUNK food”.

    People ask? What we can do?

    Call and e-mail these motherfuckers.

    So, I get this nonsense in return from them below:

    Case # NYBBR

    Dear (Ghost),

    Thank you for taking the time to contact BURGER KING® restaurants regarding our current advertising. As a valued consumer, your comments and observations are very important to us.

    We strive to exceed expectations for all of our Guests and your feedback is valuable in helping us to continuously work towards providing the best possible Guest experience in both our restaurants and with our methods of advertising.

    Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and rest assured that your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate management team so that they may be aware of your concerns. We value your opinion and look forward to serving you again in the near future.

    Kind Regards,

    BURGER KING® restaurants Guest Relations

    My troops go there when they biovac at grandma’s but no more of that now and when I explain why they WILL be fine wit dat.

  2. When I was in college a semi famous actor said “the Dems nominated a Communist; then they elected him President! My party left me!” He lived about 30 mi. from my folks’s home. I thought that the Kennedys suffered from guilt because of the wealth their Clan had had for 100 years. The rich folk owning Burger King suffer from guilt as well.

    ronny took 2 years to get to Norwalk and change his reg from D to R. He was still a D in ’61.

  3. Just wow. I don’t know how to read that other than a direct poke in the eye by BK CEO et al.

    Until BK Board fires their current crop I will not ever spend another penny or pence in a BK franchise.

  4. I appreciate the leftist liberal asswipes showing themselves, it becomes easier to know what establishments to avoid.
    The great divide continues.

  5. Haven’t been to a BK in many years. It wasn’t political. They just suck. Like. Worse than Taco Bell suck.
    Most in this area have gone bankrupt and disappeared.

  6. Yeah but, two double cheeseburgers for $3.90. You won’t want to eat for the rest of the day. You will be plenty thirsty though, damn that crap is salty.

  7. We need to bring back duals to the death. These mother f****** wouldn’t have the balls to do this if their lives were on the line. Dueling forced you to be a gentleman, now these pricks go to jail for a day, get a slap on the wrist and it’s over, no deterrent whatsoever.

  8. That is NOT SO great britain. They are so fucked! And our dickless scumsucking liberal twatwaffles want the U.S. to be the same way!

  9. I quit Bugger Kang 25 years ago when some rancid catsup nearly put me in the hospital. How the fuck does catsup go bad? Ask Bugger Kang.

  10. The only “fast food” I have eaten since November of ’15 is taco bell once in a great while and chick fil a (salads), again, once in a while. That stated, some motherfooker attacks me (milkshake, stick, baton, brick….etc.) it better be ready to receive 230 grains of slow moving copper clad lead!
    These asswipes need a lesson in civility. An armed society is a polite society.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. I stopped eating there because of the food quality. I don’t miss it.
    Maybe they should spend some time fixing their food and stay off social media.

  12. Gave up on Booger Queen when they got into left wing politics; wage inequality, man hating, social justice. Faced with no-win situation was forced to violate principles, drive into mostly empty Bugger Queen. Service horrible. No one could speak English. Place full of drugged out homeless people washing their privates, pleasuring themselves, talking to no one there, smelling up the place. Whole thing made grand kids gag. But this is a progressive city!

  13. Stale bread, gristly meat and fries that taste like they were scalded in monkey piss. Then there’s the milkshakes that’ll have you so buckled with explosive diarrhea you could blow down a block wall.
    So what’s not to like?

  14. The Euro brainiac that thought this was funny is in all probability gone from the company and possibly his boss as well. There’s likely also been a shakeup (forgive the pun) in the senior mgmt in BK Britain. The Head Office don’t like people fooling with the business.

  15. Get a load of that glutinous gob of fat cells that threw the shake. Shaved head, coke bottle glasses and a colony of some disgusting looking fungus growing wildly over his face. Everything about him says to leftist women: Chick magnet!

  16. Heil to the King.

    I don’t eat their trash. They used to have good fries in the 90s but they have nothing to offer me.

    All corporations have HR Departments infected with Leftists who transform their culture unless the executive office actively prevents it.

    If I have to sit through one more Unconcious Bias seminar, speech from illegal alien activists, nutbar black professors from HBCUs, read another “this day in history” celebrating Marxists and homosexuals, or taking a test about my alleged privilege. It gets real fucking old.

  17. I have found such disparity in quality in most fast food places that I stay away from most all of them.
    For instance, the Taco Bell in Plainview is great, but the one in Boerne TX sucks big time.


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