Crowd chants ‘Send Her Back!’

American Mirror:

During a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday, President Trump went after “The Squad.”

Trump started with Ilhan Omar, and went through her litany of anti-American and anti-Semitic statements.

As he concluded criticizing her, the crowd chanted “Send Her Back.”


17 Comments on Crowd chants ‘Send Her Back!’

  1. That must be an old picture. I don’t think she’s donned a hijab since the skwod firmed. Nowadays, it’s just bandages of color for her badly swollen head. I reckon she’ll get back to the hijab once she gets back home to Puntland.

  2. Loco with the line drive up the middle….and that’ll be a 2 run double for the salty kid from cracker town.

  3. You are extremely fortunate to have President Trump. Cherish his efforts as he really does care for his country & citizens. We in Canada do not have this.

    Just watched his speech!

    If America ever falls the 1984 that Orwell will rise for a thousand years. 1A, 2A are inseparable. God bless

  4. Somebody seriously screwed up their timing. If the Left was seriously serious about taking over the country they should have at least waited for the (now unlikely) event a D is back in the WH. As it is, with POTUS Trump on the war path, everyone’s gonna know about every cruddy thing these people have said and done.

  5. LBS, things must be getting desperate for her. Looks like Woman of Color needs some Religion of Peace backup immediately.

  6. That little smelly shit Omar ought to be grateful the crowd is not chanting “String Her Up”.

    She should take her little ass back to Smellya.

  7. Odds are they’ll never see those directions. Hygiene isn’t likely something they trouble themselves with.

  8. Yeah go back and see if you can find your clitoris. It’s there somewhere if it wasn’t found and eaten by some mongoose.

  9. Reporting now that President Trump is disavowing the chant. I hope that is not the case. Never give these assholes an inch. Fox radio just said “he made no effort to stop the chant.” So sick of this shit.

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