Crowder Calls NBC News About FAKE Chloroquine Lady

Steven calls NBC to inform them about the exclusive information gathered about the “Fish Tank Cleaner Lady.”

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  1. So did anyone else catch the Dr Birx “gotcha” moment in today’s WuHan Coronavirus briefing…..?

    When Dr Birx was asked a question about classifying deaths…..

    Dr Birx stated that if you died and tested positive for Coronavirus…….you died of Coronavirus……

    So a patient comes in……gets tested and is positive for Coronavirus…..that has a heart attack and dies……He is counted as a Coronavirus death…..


  2. Golly, she handled that just as if she sorta expected someone to call her out on her tabloid journalism.

  3. @Ed357 — Yes, this will be a point of contention for years to come. Unlike the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed all age groups, including healthy, working-age people with no “underlying conditions”, WuFlu is the biggest hazard to people with all sorts of maladies – in various stages. The older you are, the more likely you are to have one or more serious, chronic health problems. It’s going to be hard to sort out if, for example, someone with a bad ticker died because of that or if Covid19 dealt the death blow sooner than expected. Of course the problem is, then, that those un-sortable deaths will be attributed to CV and will jack up the numbers. But maybe that’s how it should be if people are dying prematurely because of it. OTOH, if someone has a terminal illness and would have soon died, anyway, I don’t think they should be counted among the CV deaths. But there’s a big difference, I would think, between someone who has a controllable, chronic illness and someone who is terminally ill. Old age is not, itself, a terminal illness. I think there is a new angle, a fresh attempt, to politicize something that doesn’t discriminate except by biological condition. My hope is that H-chloroquine and zinc will be the silver bullet that prevents this from becoming the ridiculous media show that it’s fast becoming.

  4. @AA

    Yeah I’ve read somewhere that it’s expected that the old, sick, and/or infirm that were destined to die in the next year……

    are being reaped in the short span of three (3) months by WuHan Coronavirus…..and this short timeline is what has everyone screaming…..

    and it might have something to do with…

    The average age of TPTB..

  5. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve heard made from the WH DV Task Force was this afternoon when Fauci got up there and declared that CV was especially hard on America’s “black community” because of their propensity for overweight/obesity, hypertension (tacitly cited because of the well-known genetics, but ALSO primarily caused by obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking and other factors). Anyone been to a state fair in the past year!? How about Walmart? I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my share of very fat, very white people who most certainly have the same health issues. And there’s more of them! Big mistake. Trump should start vetting what is going to come out of Fauci’s mouth from now on if he’s going to let him have the mic. This guy is running the old plays out the Left’s play book.

  6. let’s try to shut down the discussion of the WuHu Flu being disproportional in the ‘black’ populi. has anyone provided any data that prove this? … if not, it’s all politically-correct bullshit & pandering to a specific designated ‘group’

    now back to what the subject-matter of the thread is … Demedia falsifying stories to fit their narrative, let alone a cover-up of a possible murder

    … & why am I pissed off about this … time to self-medicate

  7. So Crowder fully exposed how NBC News hires amateurs with an agenda.
    Her job was NOT to discover the truth.
    – Truth is, we might have a MURDER case here.
    – She could have done four hours of investigation and found these discrepancies
    Her job was to cause ever more grief for our great President Trump, and to try to make Mr. Trump look complicit in this couple’s poisoning.
    – And that’s the narrative that’s now widely known, even though it’s completely FALSE.

  8. Sorry, Molon. Yes, of course, let’s talk about the ridiculous child who calls herself a “journalist”. I bet she has one of those tee shirts that has “America Needs Journalists” stamped on it.

    I’m thinking that the tonnage of bullsh*t that must first be piled on before the Leftist media collapses under the weight of it must be an incredibly large number, because this is taking what seems like forever.

    I keep thinking back to post-WWII when our gov’t had 500+ known, card-carrying commies working within the upper echelons of various departments. Nothing was ever done to bring justice to all those who died storming the beaches and breathing their last in the Ardennes, a million miles away from home and hearth.

    That the NYT’s is still vaunted as the paper of record after once extolling the virtues of the commune, bears mute testimony that Leftist-sympathetic media will never be brought to heel in the U.S.

  9. @Ed357: “Dr Birx stated that if you died and tested positive for Coronavirus…….you died of Coronavirus……”

    falsification of data.
    Actually had to take a course in school which included a book titled ‘Statistical Manipulation of Data.’ Mandatory reading, it was. It explained how to manipulate data.

    This serves their immediate purpose of creating the numbers they want to instill fear and panic, and the control they can exert as being necessary and therefore mandatory. It is a verification for them. A new way of ‘controlling the narrative.’
    We’ll see these falsely based numbers/figures/charts/graphics again, the next time they need them. Probably at or before the next flu season, right around the time of the election.
    It is unfortunate what this is doing to the practice of public health and the science of epidemiology. There is an opportunity to learn much from this experience, but what we might learn is being falsified and hidden, and in some instances erased. This is not conducive to progress.
    “garbage in = garbage out’
    and they get to choose the garbage. In both directions.
    The world of medicine is embracing the ‘common core’ mindset.
    A somewhat similar thing is being done with voting in the 2020 election. A few ‘in person’ primaries will be allowed to proceed, and then they will be condemned by the dnc and media blowing any problems out of proportion and selling that to the public, as they demand mail in voting and ballot harvesting. They’ll have (their) facts, figures and fears to use, and they will, both directly and subliminally.
    They’re statistical gesticulators, and there is no pleasure in that for the public’s health.
    One needs to look at what the other hand is doing as they point to a problem.

    RIP John Prine. What a good soul.


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