Crowder Calls Out Facebook For Collaborating With Evil

Steven Crowder has noticed that soon after Facebook agreed to work with Pakistan to address the offense caused to Islam by perceived blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad, some poor shmuck over there is now facing a death sentence because he blasphemed on Facebook.


The correct term is “collaborator” and Zuckerburg and Facebook have some explaining to do about enabling the murder of opposing voices in Pakistan.

12 Comments on Crowder Calls Out Facebook For Collaborating With Evil

  1. “The future shall not belong to those–including you, poor schmuck–who slander the prophet of islam.”

  2. It seems we now have a national or maybe even global Stockholm Syndrome and I don’t know how the sane people can put a stop to it. We need to start defeating our enemies, not aiding and abetting them.

  3. Gal. 1:8-9 was a prophetic warning against Mormonism and Islam, but the Mormons don’t want to CHOP YOU HEAD OFF for pointing that out.

    The Koran blasphemes Jesus every time it denies His divinity, yet Christians don’t want Muslims killed for that; we want them to be saved

  4. How much is it worth to Facebook to have access to Pakistan? I guess when it’s Pakistanis who suffer Facebook is willing to cooperate for a pretty small return.

  5. What I want to know is where the fuck are these Filthy Mohammedan Savages getting their banners made? Signorama?

    Is their some internet website in the Middle East these inbred subhumans are going onto and ordering their shit?

    Marketing Idea: lets create a website and start selling custom Mohammedan signs to these savages. Let’s gouge the shit out of them so hard they dont have any money left to make fucking sweater bombs or buy machetes.

  6. I wonder how long Suckerberg would survive alone on the streets of Pakistan… (not long.)

  7. @Mansfield Lovell
    And change the arabic words to “mohamhead sucks dog dicks”.
    They can’t read so they won’t know the difference.

  8. Don’t libel Mohammed; just tell the truth about him.
    Christians believe Jesus is God, yet insulting Jesus can be forgiven.
    Muslims don’t think Mohammed is a god, yet insulting him is blaspheme punishable by death. I thought one could only blaspheme a god, like saying “Zeus is a serial adulterer and rapist.”

  9. When is enough going to be enough? When are people going to strike back?

    I hope there are Christian “sleeper cells” out there waiting to defend us from terrorists and gov’t terrorist enablers.

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