Crowder Even Louder

Crowder confronts SJWs LIVE ON STAGE

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  1. What’s the difference between hecklers at a comedy show and SJW trying to shout down a panel? None and they both deserve to get verbally abused by those on stage.

    Crowder always makes a point to open up the floor for Q & A and won’t avoid questions from leftist, yet they don’t have the belief in their own convictions enough to stand toe to toe intellectually.

    I assume some SJW dick wad pulled a fire alarm soon after.

  2. I like Milo, even if he is gay. Something about him is attractive, and I don’t mean just his looks or personality. I never knew who he was until a couple of weeks ago. I like to meet him someday.

  3. @Rosalind, next time they need to bring donuts to keep the pigs happy and their mouths full.
    Maybe one of those guns they use to shot tee shirts out of, shoots a 6 pack of Little Debbie’s.

  4. I don’t see any future for her, as long as she’s intent on not only celebrating her suffering from self-loathing, but a carrier too.

    She’ll likely get knocked up (don’t laugh – booze and drugs have eclipsed decision making more than a few hundred thousand times), be a ward of the state for life, and be a mother-lode of misery for generations to come.

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