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Crowder Goes Off On Schumer

In his latest pod cast Steven Crowder calls out Amy Schumer for being an unfunny hack for her recent “Dr. Congress” skit, which is so dumb as to be unwatchable.


It’s one thing to be unoriginal, it’s another to be crass, base and humorless.  It’s another issue entirely to be stupid while thinking you’re clever.

This is being posted not because one comedian is attacking another or because Schumer is not funny, but because of the point Crowder makes about the free birth control crowd.


They opened the door to government involvement, now they can live with the consequences.

There’s a dope out there who thinks Schumer’s sketch strikes some kind of blow for women’s reproductive rights or something. Watch Crowder’s take on “Dr. Congress” and leave a message for her Here

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  1. The liberals cry “keep the government out of my womb”, but by passing Nanny Care and making doctors agents of the state they have put Uncle Sam smack dab in the middle of every woman’s womb.

  2. A Guy I went to High School with, is a Stand up Comedian(not very well known) He’s Friends with schumer, and posted the semi nude pic of her on FB….I replied “Thanks for reminding Me I need new Michelins”….all of the little weenies attacked me…I responded with ” Send Me a plane ticket to your town…I don’t mind getting My ass kicked…but I won’t do it on My own Dime”

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