Crowder Goes To Muslim Bakery and Asks For Gay Wedding Cake – IOTW Report

Crowder Goes To Muslim Bakery and Asks For Gay Wedding Cake

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  1. Congress cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. It is an exercise of the Christian religion to refuse to participate in sinful rituals, such as a marriage of two or more people of the same sex.

    Most muslims are more religiously devout than most Christians. They are more dedicated to allah and will die for him before most Christians would die for the cause of Christianity.

    Personally, I’m through with turning the other cheek.

  2. Suppose some abortionist want to have a dead baby on their wedding cake. Christians can’t refuse…right?! Suppose some satanists want to have a pentangle and goat head on their wedding cake.

  3. There’s probably a fatwa on his head for even asking about a gay wedding cake.
    If you want to know some businesses to avoid check this halal food web site
    I keep waiting for PETA to address the cruelty of halal slaughter but all I hear are crickets chirping.

    The good news is Memories Pizza has over 1/2 a million donated to them now and growing. These people may never be able to reopen their family business. They’s done nothing except make a small statement of faith.
    Thanks Bumbles Hussein Obongo for your war on small business and families

    A blessed Good Friday and Passover to all..

  4. This guy nails it. Intelligent post, Plus
    extra points for humor and testicular fortitude.
    ‘Know your audience…’ Good one!

  5. As cute as this childish game is,
    someone needs to do this
    to the homo and muzzie bakeries

    It’s the only thing they’ll understand.

  6. the whole hypocritical homosexual militant kabuki theatre is about destroying the Christian faith with politics. nothing else.

    you cannot grant certain rights to one group without taking them from another.

    it appears the Christians are being defeated by their own lack of militancy but in the end evil will always devours itself.

  7. The secular left thinks Christians are just like them. They know Muslims don’t accept gays, but the secular left knows gays aren’t hated by Christians.

    Therefore they just can’t make the separation between letting consenting adults be as degenerate as they want with each other and actually condoning that degeneracy by having to recognize it’s existence.

    such subtly is lost in the glare of the torches and pitch forks of the self righteous.

  8. Safety mode for YouTube actually blocks this video. I have kids and there is plenty of content on YouTube I would rather they not see right now, but this isn’t it.

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