(Crowder) I’m Pro-Life: Change My Mind

The first guy up to the booth will, one day, if he matures intellectually, will regret this interview.

He’s the dumb man’s dumb man.

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  1. I hadn’t gotten to that part of the video before I decide to post it.
    HOLY FORCEPS, this guy is dumber than his mustache wax.

  2. He’s no dumber than your run of the mill third wave feminist coed… but that’s not saying much.

    These morons are basically the equivalent of Pavlov’s dog. They are intellectually challenged and have never had an original thought, but somewhere through their twelve years of initial indoctrination they figured out that all they need to do is regurgitate the leftist talking points “teacher” is serving up and they will get a cookie and a pat on the head.

    Challenge them to develop their apologetic and the wheels come off before they get any traction whatsoever. They are incompetent in debate for two reasons, 1) they are booger eating morons 2) they have never had their rhetoric challenged and therefore believe themselves to be an Oracle

  3. @JD – and then they just start yelling at you, or change the subject so they can control the dialogue (even though they can’t support their rhetoric for the new argument either).
    Just like all the Dem presidential candidates.

  4. Batman March 20, 2019 at 11:23 am

    That Ahole wearing my badge on his jacket is a maga-shit stain

    You think MAGA’s are shitstains and you think he is MAGA?

    Wow. That would make you just as dumb as the guy wearing the patch.

  5. JD, for most of Obama’s reign I was working in a college setting, and I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a student say, “My professor said…”. All they could do was repeat like a parrot.

  6. JD, LCD, I only confront my most-lefty friend when there is an audience.

    Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. He only reformulates – badly – his argument the next day since he had nothing to stand on.

    With an audience, at least someone learns something and he gets a public humiliation that he can’t pretend didn’t happen. Mind you, these are people he always sees, so he can’t just walk away from it like it didn’t happen.

    The day I confronted him on referring to Nazis as right-wing was priceless. After seven comparisons showing his party to be the new Nazis he stopped the blood-letting with “alright, alright, alright…” with nothing to answer back with.

    My starter:
    National Socialist German Workers’ Party
    How is that right wing?

    He thinks he’s ultra smart when he’s only suffering from delusion about his IQ. How do you get history, and it’s lessons, so wrong and claim to be a genius?

    He IS the typical lib of today. Full of himself, predictable, and easy to squash. Never-the-less – he perseveres. lol

  7. The freedom of “choice” argument can be turned around on leftists so easily and would catch them off guard. You simply ask them “Do I have the choice to not pay income tax, the fruits of the labor that MY BODY does. Does the government have the right to ENSLAVE me to pay for parasites like YOU?!!” Stand back and watch their heads explode.

  8. The argument for abortion?
    Even post-party abortion?

    WON WORD: Barrick oBola!

    this is a big fikkin deel! Argued about theat!
    (see, a grape mine can turn the arugment around the finger of the ague-er!)

  9. Finally with Trump showing how to do it we are seeing a lot more people push back against this empty headed repeating of talking points. It’s about time.

  10. I’d like to have seen Crowder hammer away a bit more at the dueling “It’s a parasite. It’s a body part.” stupidity.

  11. @Jimmy
    Is it really a lack of reasoning?

    Hitler and Stalin both used reason quite effectively. A person can reason his/her way to a lot of evil.

    I see the problem a more as liberal’s lack of heart and compassion.

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