Crowder- Losing His Best Friend

Crowder’s beloved Hopper has cancer.

Crowder turns this segment into a very poignant piece.

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  1. I watched this in tears. Losing Ivan and Zoe were the hardest things I had to go through. Being responsible for their well-being and not wanting them to suffer was the hardest part of loving them. My desire to keep them with me had to take a back seat to their suffering and letting them go hurt more than I ever expected.

    I now can enjoy my memories of them and would not trade my life with them for anything. I know I’m not alone here among all you iOTWr peeps! Love you all!

  2. Yes it’s very sad, especially when they are such good dogs, they are like a blood family member. Our family has lost 2 dogs since 2010, one had a good 11 years, the other one cut short at 5 because of cancer. We are on dog #3 now, another great loving dog. She just turned 6. I asked her to please give us at least another 6 years.

  3. My husband has the hardest heart when it comes to animals and I think its sad. Him being a farmer has done that to him, he’s had to kill farm animals when they’re suffering for one reason or another. Last year he put our 12yr old black lab ‘Hoosier’ down himself. Hoosier was so special to us he was so smart and a handsome dog. I still tear up when I see his picture. His joints would swell up to where he could hardly walk and meds that vet gave us didn’t get rid of his pain so we done the humane thing but Wow it’s rough losing them when you’ve fallen in love with them.

  4. I swear I cried more when my golden died suddenly than when my mom passed. Maybe it was my age, I was older. See “Jessy” on “doggy”

  5. Being Angus’ Papa is the greatest responsibility I have ever had.
    He’s only 4.
    When his time comes to pass I will probably come apart.
    I truly cannot imagine life without him.
    When I die I want to go where the dogs all go.
    Because that is where Heaven really is

  6. My office cat has a cancerous tumor in his nose and was given only a few months to live last June. He is a young cat and loved by my secretaries and clients. I drove him from Louisville to MedVet in Cincinnati for seven weekly palliative radiation treatments. The tumor quickly shrunk to where it is no longer visible and blocking his nostrils. He didn’t suffer any distress or side-effects from the radiation other than losing some fur on his forehead which grew back as a white stripe.

    He is still with us and enjoying life like a normal cat. I feel really good about doing this for him. Even if it had only given him just one extra day to enjoy a meal and take a nap in the sun, I owe it to him for being such a good cat.

  7. It is called putting an animal down, but when we did it 4-5 yrs ago I took it to heart that I killed my dog. My precious ratty Seamus. We now have 2 Danes and some days I wonder what will that be like for them. Dogs are sincere friends and are indeed missed in a most special way.

  8. We cry more because the animals are just so innocent and lovable. My ‘baby’ cat annoys me sometimes but I tell myself I’m so glad I have you!
    Sometimes I stick him in the basement at night when I have to get up early, but he has everything he needs down there, even a big walk out glass door to look out and survey the neighborhood. If I’m gone all day I will give extra treats that night. He occasionally catches mice (he wears collar outside) and is always on watch at the windows. he is my hero cat age 14.

  9. The one curse of dogs is the short lifespan. We should have them with us for our lifetimes.
    I’ve said I can’t go through this again a few times….but I can’t resist the companionship.

  10. After my male collie Buddy had a stroke in 1996 at the age of 12 I had to take him to the local humane society to be euthanized. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do but he was suffering badly. I was by myself and cried all the way home. He was my kid’s first dog, my son was 2 when we got him from free from a friend at the age of 6 months and quite the puppy who my son loved dearly and called him dirty because he couldn’t say Buddy at first. We’ve had a lot of dogs but Buddy and our later dog Sam who was a beautiful female golden retriever who could catch frisbees like there was no tomorrow was accidentally poisoned and was real hard on my youngest daughter since it was her dog. Those two I miss the most other than our beagle Jones from when I was a kid. Buddy also licked my youngest daughter’s arm once when she had a really bad spider bite and it healed, dogs are angels in disguise in my book.

  11. I lost my buddy cat ‘Beans’ this week. It was awful. His renal system abandoned him.

    I set up the euthanasia appointment for Wednesday morning but while he lingered i
    measured him and built a coffin to be used the next day. Operating a tablesaw while crying is difficult. I brought him home and placed him into the box.
    He didn’t fit. I didn’t account for his floppyness. He used to love shoe boxes and fit neatly into them.

    So. I apologized and We laughed. And i had to modify the box with him still in it.
    He’s now buried under the windmill.

    Beans was quite the cat. Mr personality. Put up an extension ladder? He was fine st to the top.
    Voles? Hed lay there until he would fly up into the air, then dig furiously and nail those suckers.
    As a kitten he would catch a butterfly, without crushing it, and bring it to you. What ya got Beans?
    Meow. And the butterfly would fly away.

    Then there were the Milo and Otis adventures. We live on a few acres on a lake and Beans would take our dog on little missions of discovery that i watched from the patio. Turtles, frogs, toads. Petey always followed Beans on patrol.
    Petey is missing Beans. So am I. Truly a special dude.

  12. Well, I’m tearing up reading this thread. Won’t make it through the video. Missing all of my pet family that have passed away. They’re God’s gift and our help in life.

  13. To lighten the mood a little, and I wish I remembered where this came from, there was a woman in a pet cemetery saying, “who’s a dead dog? Who’s a dead dog? Yes. You’re a dead dog!!!”

    Sorry. Still makes me laugh.

  14. We lost four of our cats last year and two more the year before. So sad to lose a pet. They give us so much love.

  15. I’ve buried many, many animals (mostly cats). It never gets easier. I’ve always had multiple cats. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only drawback is lots of animals means you will always be burying a piece of your heart. I have a place on the “south forty” along the fence where they all lay. If ever we meet again it will be a GLORIOUS gathering. That’s where I wanna be… with my animals.

  16. Our golden was diagnosed with cancer and the vet had an holistic partner that put him on turmeric and a Chinese herb called Blood Palace that you can get from Amazon. He made it as few more years. When he got to the point he couldn’t walk we put him down. I realized we extended his life because of us not him. Should have said goodbye to him when he first struggled to walk and couldn’t chase his tennis ball. In his mind his life was over then.

  17. PHenry, I’m so sorry for what you are going through. You will grieve as I’m sure you have before. Each one is hard, but then your ‘favorite’ is the hardest. Sounds like Beans and Ivan had similar personalities. God bless you and here is a hug from me – ().

  18. My pup is 14, going on 15. In the past few months, his age has really caught up to him…cataracts, hard of hearing, incontinence. He is still pretty spry when it comes to a run around the woods – but I know his days are waning down…and that makes me sadder than sad. STILL, I will count all days with him as a blessing, and he gets WAAAY more treats now. Anything to indulge the old man, that’s our motto these days.

  19. P Henry I’ve got the Milo and Otis movie around here somewhere. it’s better to have loved them than never to have loved at all

  20. Pets are usually given a great deal of importance in a family and it’s heartbreaking to lose them.
    I have shed buckets of tears over all the pets who have passed on in my life. The void in everything you do reminds you they are no longer with you and with that come the tears. I’m sorry Crowder, may Hopper live on in your family’s heart.

  21. Through all the grief of saying goodbye, I know my last Springer, Reggie wished he could make it better for us.

  22. Steven doesn’t have to explain it to me. I’ve been through it 7 times in my adult life, and it never gets easier. My last 3 died of cancer. After my last one died, I thought about not getting another one, but after a couple of months, I started looking and found my current dog at the local shelter. He is a 95-lb black lab mix and is the light of my life. He’s already 6 years old.

  23. Our family pets worm themselves into our hearts. It is the hardest thing. Their love is so pure. So sorry to hear this.

  24. Last year, Rocco, my 67 pound buff basset hound had to be put down…he looked sad on his best days but my last glance at him before I left the Vet was overwhelming and his sad face seemed to tell me that he knew what was happening. I have had to do this before and it is a terrible thing of loss, because dogs are true friends, and never tell you when you are wrong…But ,not Rocco. A curmudgeon and deceitful, Rocco was an unpleasant dog. I knew that he cared for me only because when I was sick he would emit this long baleful wail for hours. Basset Hounds do not play or fetch and his toys were unused until one day I was ignoring him as best as I could when he picked up a toy and wagged it to get my attention and then I realized he thought they were my toys. I had heard the phrase “he hounded him to death” and I did not take the time to question that saying as I picked him up from the breeder..Also, someone told me that they smelled like popcorn…well, they do if you dip your popcorn in animal fat that is in the beginning stages of rancid. I learned this within a few weeks but it was too late, we were bonded. The apartment sales teem attached two oder killers next to my door and a few months later I had my unit repainted with epoxy paint so that the dried slobber he slung on the half hour could be wiped off with a damp towel…paintings were raised one foot too high from normal . His nose was too powerful for his brain so when I came home one night and petted him on the head a peanut stuck to my hand. He had sniffed out two aluminum hermetically sealed Lance candy bars and ate them, slinging one bit into the air and giving him away. Whenever I had a moment of peace or wanted to watch something, he would show up and begin to hound me with the constant non stop rumbling noise hounds make until I caved in and asked him to show me…he would trot a few feet, look back and see that my old knee was slowing my rise from the sofa and emit a humph of annoyance at my slowness. My son fed him an Oreo one day and Rocco learned the word…and he could say it. He would run to me and yell OREO about 8 times then the wail they have OOOORRRREEEEOOO over and over…it took months to stop him by never responding to the word and banning the product. I have said too much but when he died, having a smart, pushy, talking dog was no longer a misery but left the home bare without his strong persona..worst dog loss yet..


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