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Crowder: The Real Reason Behind Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent until proven guilty is a corner stone to our justice system. What does it hedge on? The TRUTH! Steven Crowder breaks down why the pursuit of truth is so important.

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  1. What is especially infuriating is that the liars are so brazen and lie so badly, knowing the media is there below them, like a net instead of punji sticks, and no consequences from the law, save the occasional stern letter. So consequences from the ballot box it must be, then.

  2. Senator Lindsey Graham’s speech on the Kavanaugh Circus should be listened to by every American from now and for ever. Google it.
    Good night. MAGA!

  3. If we had an attorney general instead of a coconspirator, this would not go unpunished.

    Sessions is the biggest rat of all of them.

  4. The Law, by Frederic Bastiat is the main source for understanding the law.
    It is like Our Constitution: short, precise, factual, and easily understood and followed by anyone who takes the time to read it.
    Now there are the lawyers who can pick it apart and want to make changes: not unlike Our constitution in that respect yet again.
    Those who don’t agree ideologically, want to change the way the world runs: communist countries do not allow even discussion on their rules, yet so many are siding with China, Cuba, Iran, etc.
    Are people tied of maintaining a representative government, do they want to get lazy and have to do nothing but go to work and make no decisions? “Chaos fatigue” takes it’s toll. Top down, bottom up squeeze tactics break free choice and you settle for relief in any form.

  5. “Innocent until proven Guilty” is simply a phrase that puts the burden of proof on the Gov’t. The “presumption of innocence” implies that a defendant could sit with his mouth shut and the gov’t would be forced to “prove” his guilt, beyond the doubt of the “reasonable man.” Guilt or innocence is a fact of existence at the moment the crime is committed. In Europe, where we originated (contrary to politically correct mis-direction), the presumption is guilt. An arrestee must prove he did NOT commit the crime – to a “judge” or other Gov’t representative – which is a greater (if not impossible) burden.

    If you think of it from a purely jurisprudential point of view, how can you “prove” (mathematically or scientifically) that you even exist, much less that you are innocent?

    No one can “prove” his innocence of a charge concerning an accusation from an alleged activity 35 years past with no corpse, no date, no time, no scars, and no definite location. Which is precisely why this manner of character assassination is the nihilist/totalitarian favorite.

    The accusation stands, to the horror of the morons and imbeciles, without any discernible “proof” – because “proof” simply doesn’t exist.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. judge k, when he was 8,put his tongue out to a girl! stone him!… proof: nancy Pelosi saw it… the wwotwest had her crystal, wiccan ball in her tower just outside of oz!

  7. Crowder’s jab at the end of the video is usually pointed at Youtube. Now he’s aiming at people that watch his videos on Youtube. Not everyone can pay to join every club or exclusive thing. Calling your audience freeloaders and/or cheap pricks is a very good way throw away support for himself.

    Why should I pay for something that I agree with but can get the same perspective freely anywhere; or on the many other ways that I already pay for: internet, cable news, newspapers, radio, talk to anybody that has a brain…etc. Why should I pay to be in a bubble?

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