Crowder Tours Downtown Austin With Alex Jones

The term “bum p*ss” comes up often in this segment from yesterday’s “Good Morning Mug Club.” In the feature Alex Jones takes Steven Crowder on a walking tour what was once the quite agreeable streets of Austin, TX.
He gives a first hand account of what just a few weeks of Democrat control delivers for its residents. Even hard-boiled Alex Jones is left gagging by the end on the stench as they come to a bridge over Austin’s famed “Riverwalk.”

The tour starts at the 10:00 mark Here

9 Comments on Crowder Tours Downtown Austin With Alex Jones

  1. Locally there was an article today that Austin rents are down and decreasing for the first time in a decade. Well you allow this, have murder and robbery explode and then defund the police and what do you expect. And I’m livid our insane governor that wants us to now wear masks in our backyards is going to send state police into Austin. Hell no, let them live what they vote for. Move the state capital. Why as a property taxpayer here do I have to fund Austin’s safety while they use their budget for abortion access and other BS social crap.

  2. Turbo here in the Austin area.. May mr Soros (and the rest of them) get what they deserve for all of their heineous crimes against humanity, around the world..

  3. We have to fight them. It’s now or lose our country totally. We (citizens) may have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our police, with our arms. Patriot authorities probably need to physically oust communist infested branches of government, law etc. Whatever it takes. There will be no second chance after this.

  4. In the mid 1980’s when I was a messenger in Manhattan, as you approached the entrance to the subway, you would smell stale old urine aka PISS, WOFTING up and imagine that on a summer day when it’s 90 degrees?

    So take THAT image and multiply it by X factor and you have present day NYC.

  5. I lived in Austin from ‘76 to ‘79 while I was in pharmacy school. I loved it then. Yes, it was already a leftist city, but it was pretty much “live and let live” then. I weep for what it has become.


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