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Crushing Books With a Hydraulic Press

Books actually put the famed press out of commission for a day.


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  1. “Playin cards till dawn, with a deck of 51. Don’t tell me I’ve nothin to do!” Statler Bros. “Flowers on the wall”

  2. 36 seconds. What a moron. A piece of paper is .003 thick. I’m going to guess the gap between the pages is somewhere in the neighborhood of .00025. If that. Book are some tough things to compress. It would be like bottoming the press out and turning the pressure up to max. This moron should have read a book. Or, The pen is mightier than the press.

  3. When the book explodes the ram jerks forward and stops against the next book (or the table) suddenly. That creates a shock wave of hydraulic fluid that travels back against the flow, creating a massive spike in pressure for an instant. That’s what blew the line. The term for that shock wave is called a “water hammer”. You experience something similar to that when you quickly shut off a water valve and you hear a bang or thud.
    When I was in college we were doing an experiment in the lab in the basement of the engineering building. The maintenance guys were repairing a steam line nearby and trying to refill it. As they filled the line it kept water hammering as the cooled and condensed water in the line expanded back into steam as the new steam heated it up. Eventually one of the lines burst and filled the tunnel they were working in with steam. Luckily for the workers they had just left the tunnel. If they were still in there they would have been cooked!

  4. Thou shalt not fold anything more than 7 times.

    Compression is just an extension of this principle.

  5. He probably has a giant supply of scrap paper from all the Obama and Hillary Clinton books that were ‘sold’.

  6. #nitetrain #Ziffel
    I’d like to watch Hillery Clinton’s fat ass being buried in a pauper’s grave somewhere near Jersey City NJ

  7. Andy’s dad, you missed the next part of the verse, Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo, don’t tell me I have nothing to do. I love that Statler Brothers song.

  8. Stupid is as stupid does. What is the purpose of this video other than showing some stupid guy destroying books with a hydraulic press? It would have been mich more informative if he used his head instead of books.

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