Cruz Ad: No More Deals




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  1. I guess this is as good a time as any to throw one of the anti-Trump cracks back at the Cruz camp:

    No more deals? All THAT means is
    Cruz admits he’s a My-Way-Or-The-Highway Crybaby!

    That ad was LAME.

  2. What? No more deals?
    No more Goldman-Sachs deals?

    You mean…while riding the Presidential Gravy Train like the current carpetbaggers?

  3. You got it.
    Moving from the National corruption scene to the Global corruption scene with the Trans Pacific Trade Deal.

  4. Trump respects scum like Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi while attacking decent people like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and yes…even Jeb Bush?
    Is he TRYING to lose?, like Romney seemed to do after the first debate last election where he cleaned Obama’s clock.

  5. Remember those paid trolls from the obot era? I think we’ve got some company these past couple days. Of course we may never know if he is paying them or not, because the Cruz machine has a number of superPACs who would be doing the hiring — so that Cruz can claim plausible deniability and maintain his “I’m a squeaky clean conservative” aura.

    Or they could be Dem employees making sure we vote Cruz so that they are better positioned to win the GE. Which they will because everyone knows Sanders and Clinton, but not a junior senator from Texas who claims to be a far-right conservative and whose biggest claim is that he’s a Christian evangelical, who was endorsed by Glenn Beck.

  6. Watch when Cruz wins tomorrow night all the Trumpbart trolls will disappear leaving the hardcore RINO supporters who will support Rubio before Cruz. What does that tell ya?


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