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Cruz: ‘Climate Change Is Not Science — It’s Religion’

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“Any good scientist is a skeptic,” said the senator.  “If he’s not, he or she should not be a scientist. But yet the language of the global warming alarmists, ‘denier’ is the language of religion. It’s heretic. You are a blasphemer.”  – More

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  1. When they started with that “settled science” crap, any support by thinking people went out the window.
    There is no settled science, these people are now lumped in with flat earthers and Luddites.
    Other wise know as idiots, standing on street corners in sandwich boards, spouting delusions they believe in their diseased minds.

  2. True, that’s all the parrots of the religions can debate you with – “Denier”, “Faux News”, “Rush LImbaugh robot”, “Science is settled”, 97% of all scientists agree GW is real”.

    After those talking points are dismissed, they are like a deer in the headlights.

  3. Absolutely, and it’s been so effectively taught/learned that many people are unreachable with facts. “Global warming” is always stated with the tone of foregone conclusion. (Ever notice that when people state that they do something “religiously” that they are never talking about religion?)

  4. This is all about the Sissies in the cave (communists/liberals) trying to boss around the Producers in the Caves (industrial nations) because they have no goods or services to offer except as social justice harpies

  5. How painful to have Putin spear heading the call that anthropomorphic global warming is a hoax.

    I wonder how fast the hoax would collapse if the Michael Mann types (who are guilty of corrupting the data, which makes for manipulating the computer models while publicly using “peer reviewed” as a shield their conclusions from scrutiny while privately determining who is a “peer” and who is not a “peer”) started dropping like flies due to plutonium poisoning? I would think pretty fast if the press would report all the facts about the late myth maker.

    For the record, that was just a thought experiment.

  6. And Bergoglio is right in there with the worst of the warmists. This Marxist infiltrator antipope is a wicked and evil man and a treat to many innocent souls who look to The Church for guidance.

  7. Personally, I think we should shift our focus to the loomiing threat of continental drift. According to my proprietary computer models and contrived data, continental drift is caused by too many humans moving to the west coast, and the only solution is to mandate more bicycles and ban funny hats like the beanies hipsters wear in 90 degree weather.

    Sure, you can mock me now, but once my mulit-million dollar grant is approved, I can contiinue my research on St. Barts over a tropical cocktail while the rest of you are wondering how all those Asians are able to walk to Seattle from Shanghai.

  8. The first time I heard one of the maggots say “I believe in Globaloney …” I knew it was religious bullshit and has nothing to do with science.

    You will NEVER hear a “scientist” say “I believe in gravity” or “I believe in the photo-electric effect” or “I believe in Brownian motion” or “I believe in electro-magnetism.”

  9. Yep, and the scandal of GW is going to command global politic to force her way in, national sovereignty out.
    It’s based on Gaia, mother earth, as top deity.
    That’s the lefty side. It is a flat out denial of the Creator, choosing to worship the creation instead.
    Meanwhile, sharia law and the worldwide caliphate comes to fruition ( the mindset here folks of lefty/right does not apply here), forcing folks to submit to allah or die.
    ALL of this, will pass.

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