Cruz: Internet Freedom in Jeopardy

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TruthRevolt: Ted Cruz is ringing the warning bell for internet freedom, saying moves by the Obama administration put the wild west atmosphere of the net in jeopardy.

Speaking to Glenn Beck on The Blaze, Cruz cited the FCC’s move to consider the Internet as a public utility as one threat:

Cruz also cited plans to relinquish U.S. control of the Internet as a move that would “profoundly undermine U.S. interests and undermine free speech.”

“America invented the Internet and, I got to say, Obama’s idea to give it away is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s idea to give away the Panama Canal,” he said.  Continued

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  1. There used to be animinity, true free speech, and the last person to know anything about it was your government; certainly LEO weren’t involved in no ways no how with net bullying. We used nntp, telnet, ftp, gopher, and http wasn’t so popular. Search engines actually provided reasonable results instead of paid-for adsense crap. It’s been wrecked for over 15 years… already.

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