Cruz Knows How To Deal With The LSM

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  1. Yes FOX is calling it the “planned parenthood shooting,” The words ” terrorist” and “baby parts” are being bandied about. Nothing concrete being reported. WTF!

  2. Typical Leftist Retard Approach….the “brainiacs” are not smart enough to alter their attack modes…hence proving how mentally deficient these “brainiacs” really are….(no offense intended for those who are mentally challenged in life, not politics).

  3. Do people who believe in life kill those who are part of a death cult?

    This sounds like typical socialist boilerplate obfuscating deflection.

  4. “- Reporter: Its been reported the suspect mentioned baby parts. – @TedCruz: It’s also been reported he’s a “transgendered leftist activist.””

    Good for Ted Cruz. He knows how to re-frame the narrative.

  5. The ideologically driven corruption of the news media,amplified by modern technology, is probably the foremost issue and crisis of our times.

    It has resulted in a mal-informed, misinformed and under informed public that results in horrendous and destructive political decisions and social policy

    It’s a national scandal and tragedy on a par with the most threatening crises in our nation’s history.

  6. BC — I enjoyed watching him at the Nat’l Prayer Breakfast, just feet away from the obama’s, telling it like it is about socialism. I really enjoyed watching mooshelles’ face contort in anger over it. But he is way out of his depth and not at all in touch with Americans over what is really upsetting us. He is a real gift as a surgeon, but I cannot understand how someone so well-read in American History and our founding could come to some of the conclusions he has. I do believe he thinks the only way up and out for minorities is to have gov’t intervention to some degree, which means he buys the narrative (on some level) that there is such a thing as institutional racism. I don’t know, that’s just my take on him.

  7. AAaaaand there’s his Howard Dean Scream.

    The only people propping this guy up were the hard core “but he’s the only truly SSSSSSPiritual man in the race” folks who can’t bring themselves to go Trump because Trump isn’t pious enough.

    This will likely send them Gibbering in the corner. Hopefully it doesn’t Romneyize them and keep them home.

    The thing is they’re wrong, I’d dare say Cruz is more ssssssssspiritual than Carson.


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