Cruz Laughs at Reporter on Iran Deal

Calls deal catastrophic

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TruthRevolt- As Texas Senator Ted Cruz continued to campaign in the South and Midwest, one local reporter thought he would take a run at Cruz’s opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran. News 9 reporter Justin Dougherty from Oklahoma pointed to Cruz’s past statements about listening to military leaders and their advice.

“Several times you have mentioned that in international crisis you would seek the advice of military personnel. Now recently there were three dozen former generals and admirals who would say this Iran deal is our only option to keep nuclear weapons. Are you going to listen to that letter at all?” Dougherty asked.

Cruz answered with a quick laugh and reply.

16 Comments on Cruz Laughs at Reporter on Iran Deal

  1. Reporters like Dougherty are used to asking questions of know nothing political hacks who don’t do their homework.
    Cruz knows this because he does his homework.
    Yeb he ain’t.

  2. Classic Cruz..He gives these idiots just enough rope to hang themselves. He’s so smart he already knows how he’s going to answer the dumb ass reporters question before the dumb ass reporter is finished asking it. And he hits it out of the park every time.

  3. “If somebody tells you they want to kill you … believe them.”

    Obama believes them. He just knows that they won’t kill him because he is one of them. Don’t believe when they say they will behead Obama. They are lying.

  4. Lol! Generals and admirals asked to opine on the big guy’s deal, they unfortunately answer to the goof.

    How about do me this. Answer me on how this deal will benefit me or any other citizen of this country!


    The fact of the matter is I will not be any safer or any richer by allowing my goobermint to negotiate with fcuking terrorists!

  5. I have been increasingly impressed with Cruz, his knowledge of important issues and his uncanny ability to clearly and concisely express his position.

    A top quality candidate that America hasn’t seen in decades.

  6. For the first time (ever!) I am considering donating to a political candidate. I have been consistently impressed with what I have seen and heard from Senator Cruz. He has my vote and possibly some of my cash.

    On a slightly separate note:

    Listen to the video again. Notice that Senator Cruz is speaking off the cuff, but there is not one “uhhhhh”, “ummmm” or “ahhhhh” the entire time. This is a man with a razor sharp mind who knows exactly what he believes and exactly what he wants to say.

    Contrast this with the mumblings and meanderings of the so-called world’s greatest orator currently sitting in the oval office when he doesn’t have a teleprompter in front of him.

    Cruz 2016.

  7. “If this deal goes through, three things will happen. Number one, the Obama Administration will be world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.”

    they already are Mr. Cruz
    Egypt (remember the arab spring), Libya, Benghazi, Syria, all radical islamic terrorists funded, trained, & supplied, with top grade weps, by preezy downlow

  8. oaksmiles it is very important that patriots like us support and donate to Cruz. His is a grassroots campaign that depends on us. I donate every month and volunteer. Visit his site if you haven’t yet. There’s a free Cruz app you can get also.

  9. Sorry Ted, I’m fairly certain that they have all the parts to build a nuke – maybe more than one. They’re hesitant to test because that gives away the game. But they can’t deploy unless they test. Unless they make the deployment the test – which would just be a “dirty bomb” and not the knock-out blow they need.

    That’s the conundrum.

    Obola’s already given away the store. The UN will suck Iran’s ass whether America agrees or not. They know that our “leadershit” is too cowardly to tell them to “Fuck Off.”

    Iran will do something before Obola leaves the White Hut.

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