Cruz : McConnell ‘Very Effective Democratic Leader’

“Is this not a curious state of affairs? Why is a Republican majority leader fighting to accomplish the priorities of the Democratic minority?”

cruz speech oct 2106

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  1. McConnell is a progressive and progressives are progressives first, last and always.

    They eRepublicans want the same thing and fight for the same core deliverable that Democrats do, expansion of government. They want personal power and their supporters are no less of a plague on society than is the Democrat base. The US Chamber of Commerce is a totally corrupt institution, no less of a danger to America than is Planned Parrenthood.

    Thank God that Constitutional conservatives are finally accepting the fact that eRepublicans are not our allies, fact is they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and it is about time that this undeniable fact be recognized and accepted.

  2. “This represents the [Washington] cartel in all of its glory because this is the combined work product of John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid.”

    “The entire time Republican leaders have been promising, ‘We’re going to do something on the budget. We’re going to rein in the president,’ they have been in the back room negotiating to fund every single thing Obama did,” he said.”

    Is it any wonder why the GOPe is terrified of him? They can’t keep him down with threats. I’m surprised they haven’t blackmailed him yet. Maybe they tried and he has nothing for them to use. Maybe they had something but he said, “OK, do it. I’m not caving”. I don’t know, but I respect him.

    We have been screaming for 7 years for just one of our politicians to stand up for us, for the Constitution and for liberty. We got him.

  3. Never give up Cruz, zings his truth missiles.

    But, we HAVE to VOTE the McConnells out!! How many lies will we ignore? Terminate the traitorous Republicans’ terms, during their next election. Stop the bitching and work to make change!

  4. I’m celebrating the fact that he is fighting. He is also exposing the betrayal of the GOPe. That’s more than we got over the last 7 years.

  5. Wow, thanks! I needed that.

    Cruz IS winning by blocking many of the things Obama was primed to force upon us – gun control and amnesty being front and center. Cruz fought that and won.

  6. I hesitate to argue with someone who calls names. As a Cruz supporter, I think the wet behind the ears Senator will make a great VP or SC Justice right now, he’s only 42, however, in Washington you have to draw blood.
    Believe me, I don’t need your “Hope and Change” or Cruz’s single digit polls.
    He will have trouble with the media, Trump owns the media, I want a winner, eh?

  7. Ted Cruz might not have the oomph for a Presidential campaign, but would he not make an amazing Majority Leader in the Senate?? Would he not make an excellent Leader to help a new Republican President, and Speaker Ryan, to clean house??

    Food for thought and a look down the road…

  8. Sometimes it’s necessary to make a stand.


    If we lose this, I fear our country will descend into chaos.
    The socialists, the totalitarians, the izlamics are not going “gentle into that good night.”

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