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Cruz Reacts to San Bernardino: Now, More Than Ever, Americans Must Be Armed

ted cruz sanctuary cities speech

Cruz said:

Unfortunately, the goal of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, is to consistently–at every turn–to look to weaken the constitutional rights of American citizens. And in particular, to undermine our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. You don’t get rid of the bad guys by getting rid of our guns. You get rid of the bad guys by using our guns. And, rather than respond to radical Islam and terrorism with a commitment from the president to keep this nation safe–to kill the terrorists–instead, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to even utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”  [More at Breitbart]

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  1. My heart is divided between Trump, Cruz, and Carson. I just pray that they get together and form a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A tough job with the 50 percent shit we have as people.

  2. So, this is pretty interesting:

    Haven’t seen any posts retracting that shiite they were posting a few days ago.

    – My neighbors asked if I wanted to get stoned in their #MuslimApartment. It wasn’t what I expected

    – Never scoff when a Muslim when he tells you #Islam is the Religion of Peace…
    or he will kill you.

  3. Ted all the way. Courage, tenacity, honesty, so very quick to defend the Constitution, and remains a gentleman even in the attack. Love this man’s constant and strong fight for America he is like the little Dutch boy holding back the floods. The tsunami he is consistently trying to hold back is Big, Illegal Government.

    Ted Cruze=Integrity and ethics.

  4. He gets my vote for being the strongest and most consistent opponent to the political machine’s grooming and manipulation

  5. If we had competent or somewhat less than venal leadership, the enemy wouldn’t be inside the gates or the gates left wide open with “Welcome Islamic Colonists” signs on it.

  6. Trump and Cruz can both win the battle; even against Islam.

    My only question is trying to decide which one I want as the muscle.

  7. God Bless Ted Cruz.

    Disarmed citizens is exactly what the islamic terror caliphate needs before they can make America submit to islam. Same thing the democrats need if they are ever to force us to submit to their utopia dictatorship.

    Abu Barack Hussein Al Bagh’O shitti is the caliph’s main bitch.

    America will NEVER submit!

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