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Cruz: ‘Syrian Muslim refugees should be resettled in the Middle East’

cruz on cnn

Conservatives4TedCruz: Sen. Ted Cruz was interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash for a segment on the network’s New Day program Tuesday. Knowing CNN’s liberal bias, the discussion about the Syrian refugee situation went about as you would expect, with Bash going after Cruz from Obama’s point of view, and the Senator schooling his outmatched interrogator:
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10 Comments on Cruz: ‘Syrian Muslim refugees should be resettled in the Middle East’

  1. They can’t be. The people known as the Palestinians are case in point. If they were resettled in the region, Arab neighbors would have to do more for the Palestinians, besides funding terror in Israel.

  2. Ha! Trump said the same thing a few days ago but of course he said it thus: “A big, beautiful swatch of land….it will be great!…they’re going to love it!”

  3. I still don’t get why the liberals are so hot to take in middle east refugees. Libs hate conservative Republican types because they have religious values, like guns, are purportedly intolerant to the sexually deviant, and are supposedly engaged in a war on women. Muslims, on the other hand, have religious values (including extreme intolerance of any other religious views), not only like but actually use guns, execute the sexually deviant, and consider women to be little more than possessions. Add in the fact that they don’t really assimilate into other societies very well, and I would think libs would do all they could to keep them out.

    Maybe that’s what conservative Repubican types are doing wrong – we aren’t violent and intolerant enough.

  4. It really is abusive to the refugees to relocate them to Western countries. We force them away from their culture and families to a place where they have no opportunity (free stuff notwithstanding) and where it’s guaranteed that people won’t like them, because they are producing nothing. Help them in their own lands, with the opportunity to go home at some point, sure. Import them here and we are to some degree inciting them.

  5. Shit I’m staying about two blocks from Disney Land tonight and I swear the whole damn country has relocated here already.

  6. Homosexuals and Leftist scumbags are so filled with an inbred hatred of “Republicans” and Conservatives that they are literally blinded by their bigotry. They have been programmed for many decades to hate with passion their percieved enemies. You know, the little old ladies that go to church and pray the rosary for the massacred fetal tissues.

    They can handle to 83 year old men and women shuffeling up the steps into church and they can browbeat and silence the closet homo priest pedophiles. They use mere words and heartfelt criticism to express their beliefs. But they CAN NOT and WILL NOT dare confront the ones that use machettes, ak47s, gasoline, and fire to exterminate them. They are cowardly scumbags.

    I.will stand by and watch in silence when the muslime filth start here with the homos.

  7. When you start making sense of Liberalism you may have found a cure for that branch of mental illness. If on the other hand, Liberalism ever starts making sense to you, then …

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