Cruz Was Right About Boehner’s Final Cave

A month ago Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned conservatives about rumors of John Boehner’s Final Cave. Watch it below:

cruz on boehner and pelosi

10 Comments on Cruz Was Right About Boehner’s Final Cave

  1. Boehner’s final betrayal.
    The GOP progressive establishment’s betrayal will continue under the oppressive, “boehner like”, leadership of ryan.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. Cue the “Cruz can’t get along with anybody, EVEN his own party” comments from the liberal media and Rand Paul. Apparently it’s not ok to be honest

  3. Didn’t Cruz learn his lesson from ‘outing’ McConnell and his shady backroom doings?

    HAHA. I hope he airs the laundry on all of them… Better watch his back, though.

  4. I thought Fiscal conservatism was Ryan’s bag? Isn’t he chairman of some committee dealing with budgets etc?

    Yet I can’t find ANY reference ANYWHERE of him standing up for fiscal responsibility in view of this “deal”?

  5. Sure would be nice if everyone would get behind Cruz and donate, volunteer and support him instead of saying they won’t support him because ( fill in the blank)

    Thanks MJ for posting about Cruz a lot it’s nice to see that someone else wants people to understand what a great Statesman Ted Cruz is. The media sure isn’t gonna do it.

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