“Cuck” The Movie

Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News

A new movie called ‘Cuck’ centers around a radicalized right-winger who is forced to take a job as a literal cuckold in porn films in what appears to be an attempt to vilify conservatives as resentful, loser incels.

The trailer for the movie features an out of shape millennial – Ronny – who blames his financial woes on minority immigrant groups and a “false sense of diversity” that plagues America. “

Everywhere I go there’s illegals and they’re running the show,” he laments, adding, “You can’t be proud to be white and male anymore, it’s not politically correct.”

The plot then shows Ronny hiring a prostitute before he agrees to play the role of cuckold in porn movies. More

12 Comments on “Cuck” The Movie

  1. How the crazy left sees the right is so convoluted, that it is comedic.

    I think I would rather see a remake of Ishtar.

  2. Not that I can imagine anyone wanting to see a movie about a porno scold, but seems to me that pretty much every time they try to paint conservatives in a bad light they promote their values instead.

  3. It’s like they have no idea what “Cuck” means in our vernacular. They just want to call us cucks, and by god, they don’t care how clueless they look doing it.

  4. Yet another case of left wing projection. And the film will be applauded by all the out of work progressive college graduates living in their parents basement.


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