Cult of (Inter)sectionality

Ugly people doing ugly things for an ugly cause. Language warning. Watch

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  1. Ugly people doing ugly things.

    Iow, Lori Lightfoot.

    Any city, even the third largest city in America, that elects that thing to mayor, deserves the hellishness that it’s getting.

  2. Self-Loathing on display. These people need to be shown the way back to their closet or their mommy’s basement immediately. I’m done tolerating their anti-social behavior.

  3. Alert: PDT just started his news conference & was promptly whisked out by SS

    an agent whispered something into his ear & he left

    never saw that before

  4. Well produced video. I give it a 9 out of 10. And I like what they’re saying.

    (i think i just aged myself)

  5. PDT is back … ‘seems to be’ (PDT’s words) person shot by SS outside of WH

    so far … no truth to the rumor it was Joe Biden in his trike

  6. I’m sorry. Is CNN so fucking stupid that they don’t know the difference between a White House press conference and a campaign rally? How ignorant is CNN?
    Take your time. Documenting CNN stupidity might take months.
    I get that. I always reflect back to wolf blitzer on Jeopardy. Wrong. No sorry wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  7. Bad news @irate Nate. Met up with @ghost of brig gen and his wonderful family at Greentop on Saturday. Ammo aisle wiped out.

  8. Self hatred runs strong among them. Being consumed by envy and self hatred leads to acting out in this manner.

    Envy is going to be their undoing. We are already seeing them turn on those they perceive as higher in the prog pecking order. Envy is going to manifest in internecine struggles, every faction has been inculcated with a sense of entitlement to hate anyone they perceive as having got recognition they feel entitled to.

    By and large those caught up in this nonsense have been immune to the blind rage that has been being projected on those outside the coalition. That will not last.

  9. Remember, when the shit hits the fan aim for the umbrellas and faces that look like they’ve fallen into tackle boxes.

  10. I like how so many of the violent rioting looting Socialists dye their hair in those hideous pastel shades of troll-hair.

    It makes it so much easier to avoid them in public places

  11. Dang, damned glad I don’t live anywhere near those kind of nutjobs. Ugly, vulgar, offensive, rude, violent, stupid, and ignorant is no way to go through life. They’re beyond help from a good solid ass-kicking to correct their screwed up attitude.

    I’m surprised they missed including the crazy self-loathing, self-proclaimed single mom, that was posted on iotwR a few days ago, that claimed she worked all day, and left her kids at home alone at night to publicly display her out of control hatred & scream at people downtown all night because “it’s important”. However, she has a lot of competition for most ugly.

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