Cultural Appropriation: A Modest Proposal

Creators: “Cultural appropriation” has become the latest evil denounced by soi-disant social justice warriors, on campus and off. Examples:

“I was taught that white people shouldn’t listen to rap music because it’s cultural appropriation and could be offensive to my classmates,” writes Pomona College student Steven Glick in The Washington Post.

Young women wearing bindis (Hindu forehead adornments) and feathered headdresses at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival should be ashamed, declares Teen Vogue, because that’s cultural appropriation.

Yoga, as you may be relieved to learn from The Huffington Post, is not necessarily cultural appropriation. “But it’s complicated,” the writer adds. “It is really important to honor and appreciate where a practice comes from, or we risk appropriating it.” Got that? Really important.

Sometimes individuals take it into their own hands to punish cultural appropriation — for example, when a Hampshire College student interrupted a women’s basketball game to insist that a Central Maine Community College player remove the braids from her hair.

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  1. The most appropriate answer to these people is two words, the first of which rhymes with ‘duck’…

  2. Although I disagree with this whole cultural appropriation shaming nonsense, I can’t understand why anybody would digress to inferior aboriginal lifestyle or music.
    It’s a sign of low personal esteem.

  3. If you’re African and you’re wearing more than a loin cloth (if that), you’re appropriating. So shut up about my hoops and braids.

  4. Airplanes? WASPs only. Also anything with semiconductors and integrated circuits are to be used only by members of Western Civilization or European ancestry. Oh, yeah, penicillin. And electric guitars, hamburgers, disposable razors, Frisbees, and modern sporting rifles.


  5. Women can never top “the Jenner” which inverts the penis so one can punish patriarchy by pissing on himself.

  6. No more welfare, rent and utility assistance, health care and phones. You’re mis-appropriating my money culture.

  7. Anyone who wants to is welcome to appropriate my Swedish ancestry by eating lutefisk! I have no objections. Blech! Lol!

  8. Living in anything other than a mud hut made with elephant dung is cultural appropriation. So is healthcare unless delivered by a medicine man, universities, music with harmony, the alphabet, written word and any food purchased in a supermarket.

  9. the Italians need to stop eating spaghetti
    the Irish should stop eating potatoes
    the Mexicans should stop speaking Spanish
    the black should stop straightening their hair …. & quit playing Basketball

    & most cultures have braided hair …. go talk to William Wallace & get back to me

  10. The Africans are not smart enough to know that Rap is not music but sounds more like a buzz saw without lubrication!

  11. Only the Irish can Party on St Patrick’s day
    No more camping because of Cave Men appropriation.
    No more Cowboy Hats unless you are actually on a horse.
    No more yoga pants unless you are actively doing yoga at that exact moment
    No more climbing on the monkey bars

  12. I am pissed. No black person
    can use a home phone cell phone
    or computer or drive a car or use
    a toilet {thank you Mr.Crapper from England}
    These were invented by WHITE EURO CONSERVATIVE
    CHRISTIAN MEN. I am pissed.

  13. University administrators must be vetted for common sense. Reputable universities should toss any administrator who caters to these folks and their SJW faction out on their ear.

  14. Electricity. Stop using white electricity. If you must light your home, do it the way they still do it in Africa. Burn dung.

  15. @cowgirl Been all around the world and have eaten native food on all continents.
    The Orentials and Scandinavians account for 4 foods I will never eat again, even on a dare.
    Balut, Philippines, durian, Malaysia, lutefisk, Sweden, and kæstur hákarl, Iceland.
    Saved the worst for last, kæstur hákarl, literally means fermented shark, they have to let it rot because it is too poisonous without letting it rot.
    They talk about the brave person who ate the first oyster, pshaw, they got nuttin’ on the person who ate the first rotten shark.
    Can we get the blacks off anything with wheels, the cradle of civilization never invented a wheelbarrow. Two levers and a wheel, how simple and useful is that?

  16. As school, when the kids play rap or Mexican music, I play POLKA! If that doesn’t work, I play BAGPIPE MUSIC!

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