Cultural Appropriation and Halloween

American Thinker: With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a good time for parents, grandparents, and others who care about their kids – and adults, too – to have a look at cultural appropriation.  Last year, USA Today asked, in a bold headline, America’s most burning and pertinent question: is it okay for a white kid to dress up as Moana for Halloween?

This issue first surfaced in 2015, when Yale warned students against costumes depicting people from other cultures.  However, in multicultural America, it’s actually hard to dress up in ways that don’t reflect at least some small portion of our individual heritage.  In my own “for example” case, and going back just one generation, I’m Italian, Irish, British, and even Canadian.  Going back farther, we’d find German, Scottish, and who knows what else.  I am adopted, so I can also lay claim to Eastern European Jewish, American Seminole, and God knows what else.  In this, I’m not alone.

Yet, looking like a middle-aged white guy, I’m sure I’d spark outrage among the self-appointed defenders of cultural appropriation by dressing up as anything but an American of English descent.  Jack the Ripper, anyone?  Oh, wait – that might be offensive to British prostitutes.  read more


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  1. Forget cultural appropriation for Halloween, just go as one of the 72 genders. You’d be a sensitive, cultural hero or heroine. Oh sorry, didn’t mean to assume gender.

  2. I’m going to go to a party at a Democrats house, so I have to be overly sensitive. I’m going to go as a San Francisco homeless person. And yes, thank-you for asking, but I’m gonna try and crap somewhere on the floor.

  3. Halloween is from the British Isles. Anyone who’s not of celtic ancestry that dresses up is getting a cultural appropriation ass kicking.

  4. Why does anyone give a crap about “cultural appropriation” and what the pc crowd thinks. I would purposefully pick the most offensive costume and ram it in their faces.

  5. “If you’re not a Wicca, don’t dress like a witch!”
    Is *this* what we’ve come to…and, do I even have to ask?!?

  6. I’m thinking of going as Mickey Rooney in his “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” role. Big thick glasses, fake buck teeth and a bad Asian accent; if accused of culturally misappropriating Asians, I can just claim I’m honoring Mickey Rooney.

  7. I’m just going to beat everyone to the punch and wear a sign around my neck that declares “I’m offended”

  8. I have a picture of Geoff C. dressed up as Aunt Jemima from a party in the early/mid-90s. Even then a few of the 20-somethings laughed self-consciously, but they knew who he was! (black face, of course)

  9. Who’s up for a culturally inappropriate-themed costume party?
    I was going to go as barry soetero, but my poor old back can’t handle all that bowing!


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