Cuomo Admits Hydroxychloroquine Works, Wants to Lift Restrictions

New American: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke positively of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine — which has been touted by the White House — at his daily press briefing Monday, announcing that the state will request an additional supply from the federal government.

The Democratic governor said the drug has “anecdotally” been “effective” in treating COVID-19, explaining that state officials have been given permission to use it in combination with the antibiotic Zithromax in hospitals “at their discretion.” However, he emphasized that official data has not yet been released.

“The tests in the hospital, they’re too short a period of time to get a scientific report,” Cuomo said. “Hospital administrators, doctors want to have a significant data set before they give a formal opinion. Anecdotally, you’ll get suggestions that it has been effective. But we don’t have any official data yet from a hospital or a quote-unquote study, which will take weeks if not months.”

“There has been anecdotal evidence that it is promising; that’s why we’re going ahead,” he added, noting that some patients are unable to take hydroxychloroquine due to their pre-existing conditions or medication regimens.

With Cuomo’s go-ahead, New York will take in a greater supply of the drug from the federal government, allowing the state to lift a 14-day limit currently in place to ensure there is enough for those who need it to treat other health conditions. read more

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  1. Do you want to take a chance fighting CoVid-19 on your own or would you want to try hydroxychloroquine??? Hummm….can I think about??

  2. Needless Deaths¿
    As democrat governors that banned Hydroxychloroquine change direction, how many people denied this effective medication suffered needlessly or died.
    When the dust settles, I expect each democrat governor to somehow twist the scenario to blame President Trump.

  3. “ However, he emphasized that official data has not yet been released.”

    The “official data” doesn’t mean shit to a guy like me who has a science degree and is familiar with the scientific method and has lived through the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming bullshit hoaxing of the last couple decades.

    From day one of this nonsense the “official data” has been suspect, and no one in their right mind would trust the government being the data clearinghouse any longer.

  4. If this virus was actually as dangerous as claimed (the numbers don’t support it) then why were any restrictions at all placed on medical personnel by non medical personnel for using the drug as they saw fit?

    Some things just don’t add up if you question them unless you accept that their purpose was not what was claimed was and was really something entirely different that was not spoken of.


    Anyone want to bet Freddo got a dose immediately but kept his mouth shut because Orange Man Bad!

  6. Well, aren’t you the fucking genius Andy! Somebody bat you upside the head with a 2 by 4 to get that concept through your thick skull?? BTW folks – look into using tonic water (has quinine in it, chemically similar to chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine) and zinc supplements to ward off any Kung Flu. And check out Dr. Eric Nepute on the Internet and YouTube. He advocates this and rightfully so. Zinc works against cold and flu viruses (think Zicam products), quinine is related to the afore-mentioned drug. As a clinical biochemist of 36 1/2 years, I’ve dug into this information and it makes a helluva lot of sense to me! ;^)

  7. How the worm has turned, with the exception of a couple of other big Pharma paid morons Governors, now everybody wants the cure.

  8. This is going to REALLY piss off Fauci! Drats! Someone was cured! Can’t blame Trump for no one using this drug. He’s been all in from day 1 of trying alternative meds not yet approved by the FDA. He’s got those entities working against him – including Falsie Fauci.

  9. 1. “official data” … code word for more taxpayer $$$

    2. all this bullshit is just a dry-run for the totalitarianism to come

  10. Cuomo is being overly optimistic, he’s not being honest about this whole thing…..he’s hiding something, time for an investigation!

    Oh, he’s a democrat? Nevermind…

  11. This is socialized medical care. A politician deciding what you need. That is why most doctors hate the concept. As to this drug, I can’t find it. I live in Louisiana and it is not available at the drug store or the warehouses. I can not find out why. Also, this should awaken us up on the concept of globalization. We should be producing all material basic to our needs.

  12. I had the most chilling thought early this morning. Is it at all possible the “experts” like Fauci and his cohort around the world could be conducting their own experimentation on a global scale?

    I’m not suggesting they would be doing this nefariously, and I’ll probably not articulate the idea well. I’ve read through Tony Fauci’s bio. He’s spent his entire life in the pursuit of health and science and has an impressive and compelling resume in infectious disease research and developing treatment. He is pretty much top dog among his peers. As a scientist in these realms, we wouldn’t want him any other way. But a person’s greatest strength nearly always produces their greatest weakness. Fauci’s careful devotion to his models and methods — methods and processes he has often pioneered — are, unsurprisingly, at great odds with president Trump’s lightning fast, calculated risk, model of meeting challenges and getting problems solved. Both men are at the top of their games and have been for a long time.

    Was Fauci directly involved with Grimm and Karl about the Survey of Hospital Administrators? Suppose he was — and it wasn’t about politics (although it may have been for Karl and his employers)? Suppose, instead, it was about slowing down the pace in order to allow for a more methodical process? Or maybe it was an insurance policy against any future criticism of Fauci’s predictions or other statements regarding the pandemic?

    Fauci has been top dog in his field for a long time. The so-called “friction” the media has been making hay of between him and the president could be very real in an important way, but not in the way the media portrays it. The insistence by president Trump that H-chloroquine, having been shown time after time to be an early, effective cure, must grate on Fauci’s methodical, one-piece-of-data-at-time-building-block (controlled laboratory/perfect conditions) sensibilities. There’s no peer-reviewed scholarship involved in using an off-label approach with an existing drug, even if it does solve the problem.

    So, my question: Is Fauci desiring to prolong this pandemic in order to study it? Is he imagining the walls of his controlled lab are now the lines on county maps where his test subjects shelter in place with nothing but palliative care, basic nursing care, to ease symptoms? Because under Fauci’s leadership, that’s what we’ve got. And going back to Grimm’s survey: the only focus of HHS’ questions were about adequate patient testing and adequate facilities to obtain those tests. It asks nothing about doctors’ or hospitals’ ability to intervene in the progression of the disease itself. To me, that sounds a lot like a primary interest in obtaining data, not curing an illness.

    If you read through this linked article about Fauci’s response to President Trump’s suggestions about H-chloroquine as well as his response in 2013 about the anecdotal evidence of it in stopping SARS, you’ll see — in his own words — that Fauci seems not to be satisfied until there is an iron-clad foundation of knowledge forged from pristine scientific method.

    (I warned you I wouldn’t be able to articulate this very well. What are your thoughts?)

  13. I think Fauci is looking to cash in by his association with Gates and his participation in vaccination riches. I wonder how Fauci, in 2017, was able to predict that while Trump was President that we would be hit with a surprise pandemic?

  14. Why are politicians recommending “medical” treatments?

    As a general rule, whatever and whenever a politician becomes involved in ANY debate, whatsoever (other than stealing from us), the “debate” is absolute bullshit.
    Take Globaloney Warming/Climate Change – no there, there – power and control.
    Take Solar Magnetosphere Effect – nothing humans can do about it.
    Take Wuhan Flu – no cure for viruses: have to let em run their course – in the meantime they steal $Billions.
    Take swine flu – pols made a lot of money but the thing still ran its course.
    Take Ebola – $Billions spent on an African problem – again, the pols got richer.
    Take Unfunded Liabilities – the more the pols debate, the higher the liabilities go.
    Take the National Debt – the more the pols debate, the higher they raise the “ceiling.”

    Same shit – over and over again – and we wait with bated breath for each pronunciemento.
    It’s just possible that Wuhan Flu is a majestic hoax; why else would politicians be involved?

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Joe6 — I know there has been a lot circulating about Gates and this pandemic and I admit I haven’t been reading very much about it. Gate’s involvement has, I think, always been about dying a Great Man. And as for Fauci’s prediction, I wouldn’t read a lot into that. Any dozen researchers involved in studying influenza or deadly virus outbreaks could have predicted the same thing. The wave form of deadly disease outbreak has shortened considerably over the past 50 years. No one even talks about measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and tuberculosis, let alone the number of mutations to H1N1. I was just listening to a epidemiologist lecture on all the sets and subsets of H1N1. There is a subset named H5N2 that has a fatality rate of 59%. They know it’s out there just waiting to reappear.

  16. President Trump must have given him a buck fiddy out of his imaginary $100 windfall for promoting Hydroxychloroquine.

  17. AA, I believe Gates is a bad guy that looks to achieve immortality not through doing great deeds but through not dying. He will do all he can to extend his life beyond our current limits. If that means a few billion people will die, well…..tough break for them. Fauci may or may not be on Bill’s long term roster but he is one of Bill’s useful idiots. Fauci doesn’t care as long as he cashes in.

  18. Joe6 — Well, there’s always that. Gates is a silver spoon, Highlands brat whose father’s money couldn’t buy a girlfriend in high school. He made a “thing” in high tech of being an eccentric, boorish, nerd who humiliates his own employees in front of their peers. He’s a guy who has extreme nervous tics and embarrassing social skills. What his father couldn’t buy for him, he’s made up for in spades with his billions. He doesn’t care if people admire him for his money — at least they admire him.

    Both men, I think, want to leave their “mark” on humanity and be lauded for their contributions to “ease human suffering.” Whether that’s motivated by altruism or not doesn’t matter to me, unless by doing so quashes others’ contributions to that.


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