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Cuomo Declares Disaster Emergency, Due To Gun Violence


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order on Tuesday declaring gun violence in the state a Disaster Emergency.

Cuomo announced the order amid a surge in gun violence dating back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and said the state would fund programs to combat gun violence as well as create government programs to track statistics surrounding shootings and gun trafficking. More

13 Comments on Cuomo Declares Disaster Emergency, Due To Gun Violence

  1. Get ready for a spike in nursing home shootings….

  2. Eat a poisoned riceball and go meet your sperm donor of a father in HELL you elderly murdering piece of shit!!!!!!!

  3. Get granny out of the nursing home quick!

  4. Guess all the criminals will voluntarily turn in their guns now….

  5. Let’s see:
    1. Killed over 15,000 helpless elderly NY citizens.
    2. Got paid over 5 MILLION DOLLARS to write a book about the crime.
    3. Used NYS employees to write the book.
    4. Had dirty AG charge poor Jewish accountant for not paying tax on a company car.
    5. Had dirty state bar assoc. revoke Rudy’s law license.
    6. Violates NY citizens rights with phony gun emergency.

    What a stinking pile of crap.

  6. Of course, a reluctance to prosecute criminals for their criminal behaviour has nothing to do with the spike in crime.

  7. Let’s make shooting people illegal That should work.

  8. Why DISCRIMINATE against ALL guns?!

    Shouldn’t these DISOBEDIENT guns – that jump out of their cabinet, load THEMSELVES up, & run down the street, indiscriminately shooting poor minorities EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL whiteys, be held ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR actions?!

    WHY the PREJUDICE, fear-mongering, HATRED, & DISCRIMINATION, Fredo, Sr.?!?!

    #blackgunsmatter 🥰

  9. Open border supporter, released prisoners because of covid and reduced bail for criminals. Who helped caused trouble with law enforcement??? Oh, yea Cuomo’s dim ideas taking effect. Where’s that mirror??? Do I smell more gun restrictions on honest citizens.?? Yupper rue here it comes.

  10. “Cuomo announced the order amid a surge in gun violence dating back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic”

    Ergo: COVID-19 caused all that ‘gun violence’! …. ban COVID-19!!!!

    … that’ll fix it!
    damn, I feel as smart as a D’rat …… that’s a good thing, right?

  11. All guns are ordered to immediately return to their holsters!

  12. A nuther crooked defecrat helping himself to unlimited authority!


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