Cuomo overwhelmingly beats Cynthia Nixon at Democratic convention

AOL: ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo, facing a tough primary challenge on the left from actress Cynthia Nixon, on Wednesday easily snared his party’s nomination for a third term at the state Democratic convention.

With Cuomo winning more than 95% of the vote, Nixon failed to get anywhere near the 25% she needed to guarantee her a spot on the primary ballot. She said she will seek to gather thousands of petition signatures across the state to get on the ballot.

Cuomo’s nomination was seconded by his mother, former state First Lady Matilda Cuomo, as well as three students — one a survivor of the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla. — who all were touched by gun violence and who praised Cuomo’s enactment of tough gun laws. A short chant of “Four more years,” followed.  more here


16 Comments on Cuomo overwhelmingly beats Cynthia Nixon at Democratic convention

  1. OK AOL, I’ll bite….
    If it wuz sooo “tough”, how come it wuz so “overwhelmingly” easy???

    Maybe cuz Nixon looks and sounds like an air-headed Lizzy Warren look-alike?



  3. What a surprise. The Cuomo Tammany Machine beats Some Random Chick Who Was On TV Long Ago.

    Gotta love that Women’s Champion Hilary endorsed…the man.

  4. In case any of you were wondering, this is just proof that Democrats ARE Marxists.,..the CPUSA endorsed HRC. ‘Nuff said. The RINO running dogs aren’t too far behind them.

  5. The Cuomo’s are not a bright bunch. Upstate NY, get out and vote this November!!!

  6. She could always go on her own ‘what happened’ book tour.
    She did this all wrong. She should have first taken a year to fund whistleblowers who were reporting Cuomo’s dirty work.

  7. New Yawkers let the proggies down twice. They failed to drag the tired lump of rancid beef, carpetbagger Hilary across the finish line. Now they can’t get behind the second ceiling glass shatterer, a lesbian (no doubt her Caucasian wife didn’t score points).
    I suppose they’ll have to settle with the door prize DeBlasio (white commie w/a lesbian wife of color), a twofer.

  8. So the red rat beat the pink pussy. Problem is there is not a Republican who will challenge the red rat. And the New York media are ready to pounce on any Republican who will try. What a phuckin’ joke!
    I shudda moved to Texas years ago. I could kick myself in the ass for not.

  9. Cuomo must be spreading the graft around pretty good.
    Poor ole New Yorkers taking it up the ass think they’re being loved.
    When they figure it out, it’ll be too late – but that’s what he’s counting on.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. If you are not a corrupt, self-absorbed slug, then NYS politics will not accept your application. Sorry Cynthia. By the way, in NYS politics, corruption does not play party favorites… it is universal. I voted with my feet.

  11. There are many NY Upstate people in rural areas that don’t vote because they don’t want to expose themselves to gubmint.

    The other reasons Mini-Mario wins?
    NYC – nuff said
    Albany – gov working bureacrats
    Rochester, Buffalo, Utica – done

    Don’t get me wrong beautiful state, effed up politicians.

    A hole is trying to go further left than Nixon.

    Where are the JOBS, Andrew?

    Just about giving felons votes?

  12. used to be my state mostly voted democrat…..not because my state WAS mostly democrat, but because most of us didn’t bother to vote, so the big cities ruled….

    donald trump changed that….

    i suspect the same could apply to new york state, if only the rural people would get off their asses, like we did, and GO VOTE…..yes, your capital city has a LOT of votes, and yours doesn’t matter much….but if ALL OF YOU would vote, like we did in 2016, you would take the state……

    most of you consider west virginians ignorant hicks…………

    we consider you stupid losers, since you’ve given up your franchise to vote just because you have a big city running your state…..

    go vote….it’s not so much to ask, is it????

  13. NY State government is a mirror image of an eastern European satellite country during the cold war. Run by thuggish propagandists.

  14. If I have to look at the same pompous, smug, lying, vile, evil left wing morons for another year, I just might …….


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