Cuomo Worries That Wealthy New Yorkers Won’t Return

PJM: Governor Andrew Cuomo really hates it when people leave New York, mostly because he can’t tax the heck out of them to pay for his progressive pet projects. Now he worries some of the wealthiest residents will never return to New York City. His concern is probably well-founded.

A little over a year ago, Cuomo was blaming Florida for wealthy residents fleeing his state. Darn that Florida weather and low tax rate. Because of the cap on the SALT deduction, wealthy residents who could afford it left for lower state and property taxes. Even President Trump changed his residence for tax purposes. The projected budget shortfall, as a result, was $2.3 billion. MORE

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  1. For those that can’t afford to leave or are otherwise stuck know that Cuomo’s cross hairs are going to zero in on them. They’re already squeezed but maybe what’s sure to come will wake them up about that criminal.

  2. The spread of New Yorkers into other states is a virus much worse than the COVID. Undoubtedly, they will carry their liberal politics with them and infect someplace new with democrat tyranny.

  3. Where is he buying you a drink? Everything that ever was appealing about NYC is closed down, no theater, shops boarded up, no clubs, you ticket people having a BBQ, and restaurants can’t operate outdoors only for much longer before the weather turns. Now you threaten $10k fines for anyone coming in. And the violence on the street and no bail policies have made NY frightening given the 2nd amendment restrictions. Clean up your disaster, implement swift, severe and certain punishment for criminals, stop talking about defunding the police. Stop letting people camp all over and protecting BLM graffiti. Clean the damn subways that you left running unsanitzed until June. Nothing is changing until these cities grow up and get serious about appealing to people with money. Duh rich liberals never live long in the areas they destroy with their ridiculous policies.

  4. New York transplants have been voting Libtard in California since the early 80s. And now they’re leaving Cali too.

  5. B_B,
    Sadly, they carry their malignant notions with them.

    They’re plague carriers (the fleas of rats) and will infest and destroy wherever they light.

    Cuomo proved he’s willing and capable of murdering his own (those under his “care” in “nursing homes”) and will be no less willing, and certainly as capable, of persecuting and extorting from the remainder.

    The willing executioners are going after those willing to be executed!
    Hitler wouldn’t allow the Jews to emigrate – and Cuomo’s begging the Kulaks to return – only a fool volunteers to live in a septic tank.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money. ~ Margaret Thatcher

    In NY’s case, other peoples’ money runs out on you. Same result, you’re broke.

  7. Those fleeing NY have been infesting Fl for a long time and with the predictable results on the state’s political leanings. It’s hard to be welcoming when they shed the leftist virus everywhere.

  8. “I’ll buy you a drink and cook for you”

    Translation: “I’ll slip you a Bill Cosby and screw yous up da ass!”

  9. ‘Round heah, we have tons of “halfbacks”.
    They went to Florduh, found it’s full of the same assholes they fled, went halfway back.
    The wife has a realtor friend, she says there are not enough listings to meet the demand.
    Before this conspiracy hit, there was more construction then since the Raygun boom.
    I don’t know about turning it blue, the retirement and vacation communities around here, solid red.
    Joe Wilson and Tim Scott red.

  10. I used to get a kick outta Hannity (when I listened) and how he hated NY and what a hell hole it is but he couldn’t leave due to “contractual issues”. Pffft, really Sean? Limbaugh did and never looked back.

  11. Start spreading the news
    I’m leaving today
    Crime there’s lots of it
    New York, New York

    Cuomo is a fool
    De Blah Blah a tool
    I want no part of it
    New York. New York

  12. Even the state workers with their plump retirements know enough to leave at 65. Leaving those who don’t mind being poor and living on welfare, its a loop that drives off workers and draws in leaches. Monkey Island USA.

  13. Interesting, sounds like something the guards at concentration camps might have asked of their victims, “Come back, we were only kidding, we miss you!”

  14. He Just said that he wants to keep the restaurants closed most likely until June and if everything goes well he may allow early opening in late May.

    How does he expect some of the highest rent and taxes in the world to be paid with low margin businesses unable to sell high margin/ high tax liquor.

    Never mind the scores of unemployed servers & staff who will not be able to pay housing rent.

  15. @Kcir,
    Just like most Progs, they never think about consequences, just use their “feelings” to make mostly wrong, decisions.
    What’s with the nipple rings, only guys I ever saw with them, fags.
    He’s either the dumbest guy to ever hold office, or a flaming fag, determined to bring his state down.
    Been to upstate NY, if they don’t lynch this asshole, will lose the respect I have for them.

  16. There’s something to be said about living on the left coast. I take it wealthy New Yorkers are moving to Florida (cheaper taxes). Californians are moving to Texas and Arizona. Antifa will target places like The Hamptoms and Beverly Hills when they run out of businesses to destroy. Who will stop them, idiot politicians who will be the biggest target next. Come to the burbs and country and you’re finished Antifa, we’re waiting. Bring your body bag with you, we don’t tolerate your kind here.

  17. Understand that there are two distinct types of NYers.

    The woke lefty libtards who support the policies.

    The upstate conservative, don’t tread on me types who hate Cuomo and his cabal in Albany.

    The democrats have managed by gerry mandering to get control of the state Senate and as a result removed the 100 year plus check to the growing menace of liberal politics. This is the source of Cuomo’s tyrannical control over the state.

    Those who are leaving are of both groups, but sadly, many from upstate who crave freedom and opportunity are leaving to never come back. There are many of the leftist democrats leaving as well and they are a pestilence. They come up here in Upstate too!

    We would love to get rid of Cuomo for you but his appearances upstate are timed literally to the second and he is never outside his security bubble. He schedules his appearances to the minute so he can hit as many hick towns as possible and then flee back to his apartment in Manhattan. He truly is the governor of New York City and not the state.

  18. ‘I’ll buy you a drink!’

    I have a better idea, you sick fuck.
    Lemme buy YOU a drink.

    (unzips fly)

  19. Now the liberals love the wealthy and don’t want them to leave?

    But only for the tax revenue they provide. That’s similar to when Lenin let the capitalists stay in Russia for a few years after 1917 because he needed their business skills.

  20. Governor C sure you’ll lose a little tax money, but hey. Think of it as an investment for advancing the cause.

    Those that flee NY will soon vote their new home city/state into the same libtard shitehole as NYC/NY. They might even drag down Texas, as they’ve already done to other states.

  21. However, the governor hasn’t even a smidgen of worry about a group of New Yorkers guaranteed not to return. The ones he sent to nursing homes to become infected with covid-19 and die.

  22. Fuck yourself in the ass with dynamite, you scumbag, worthless marxist cocksucker. I wish him a long life of pain and despair.


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