Cuomo’s Hydroxychloroquine Executive Order is crap

Patriot Retort: I mentioned in my post “And suddenly nobody knows how prescriptions work” that I take 400 mg of Hydroxychloroquine every day to treat my Lupus.  My rheumatologist prescribed it for me four years ago when my Lupus diagnosis was finally confirmed.

Yesterday, with just two days of meds remaining, I phoned in refills for both Hydroxychloroquine and my immunosuppressant.  I have five refills on each scrip.  And this morning before I left to go pick them up, my gut told me “call ahead, Dianny.”  I never call ahead.  But, since history has taught me never ignore my gut, I called ahead.

Good thing I did. Because my refill for Plaquenil was not available.

The pharmacist told me that the pharmacy has been unable to get a reorder of their supply of Hydroxychloroquine for two weeks now.  Pharmacies can’t get it. Period.

He said every day they put in an order; and every day their order doesn’t come.

Then he told me more bad news.

Governor Cuomo issued an executive order limiting prescriptions of Hydroxychloroquine to those with a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Excuse my French, but are you fucking kidding me?!

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  1. Our problem is that we just don’t have enough government supervision.
    There just isn’t enough genius to go around.

    Good luck Dianny. Seriously.

  2. When we come out the other side of this, let’s all remember the elected “officials” that are pretty fucking stupid.

  3. Good old government thinking. Pulling shingles off one side of the roof to patch the leak on the other side.🙄

  4. Every prominent top tier democrat has lied about something they didn’t do just to get elected. Dianny can fudge about catching Corona just to get better.

  5. Dianny — Call the WH directly and ask to speak with the Veep or someone on the Coronavirus Task Force. I’m serious. Or if they can’t put you through directly, ask for the Task Force phone number/contact info. And if they still don’t put you through, ask to speak with one of the volunteers who takes WH phone calls. That’s how I got an answer from the President. It works. He really does want to hear from us.

    I tried to find a direct number, but couldn’t find one. Here is the WH switchboard:202-456-1414

    Also, tweet out what you experienced. There are others out there who are having the same problem.

  6. WOW! A politician that is medically well versed enough to set rules and dispense life saving regulations.

    He must be a real keeper.

  7. Gov Cuomo has no idea of what Hydroxychloroquine is routinely prescribed for and most likely no one on his over-paid staff does either. Just think how many other things he is clueless about and he is overlord of NYS operations. Scary thought

  8. Governor Edgewise Endlessly Bloviating is going to save us from everything but bigger government. He makes more sense than Dementia Joe and Bolshevik Bernie, but that’s not sending him to the White House. At this point the Dementiacrats are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic if they think Governor Edgewise is going to save them from Obiden Bama.

  9. OMG !!!! Dianny, I was put on Hydroxychloroquine for Sjogren’s Syndrome which is an autoimmune disease. I live in upstate NY and had NO idea that he did this, until I just read it here. I am PISSED ! Cuomo also wants to get a hold of our ventilators from our upstate hospitals.

  10. If you can’t get it in-state ask your Dr to try an out of state drug compounder. I use one in Tampa (Infuserve America). It may cost more and insurance may not cover it but at least you have the pills in your hand.

  11. With any luck, a Korah-sized hole will open up, and swallow EVERYTHING between Albany & NYC, inclusive!

  12. the powers granted to governors in this perceived ‘crisis’ shows just how Full-Tilt Socialist people quickly become

    “I have granted myself, through the State statues & regulations, of course, ultimate power in these ‘trying times’. It’s not that I wanted to do it. Oh, no! The People are begging for my great, stupendous, spectacular leadership in stopping this made-up crisis. Because, as we all know, without my Omnipotence, you poor unwashed peasants would all die”

    … blow it out your self-important asses!

  13. So, in addition, he’s going to commandeer supplies from counties and hospitals all over New York State to compensate for New York City’s medical failures?

    And if counties/hospitals refuse? Do the guns come out?

    When the SHTF, we cease being boiled frogs.

  14. No democrat will remember the awful decisions their democrat governors or mayors or town councils made, and vote them out BECAUSE — they are democrats. It was all Trump’s fault, don’t you know.

  15. The nihilistic/socialist/totalitarians have perpetrated an enormous hoax which is destroying our economy, curtailing our freedoms, and installing a pernicious and odious “government” of “deep staters” and incompetent bureaucrats without firing a shot.

    They are to be commended. Masterful. In 8 years Obola was unable to do as much damage even with his “trans-Constitutional” abuses.

    We have stampeded ourselves into penury. Lemming-like we have run over the cliff of fiscal imbecility. We allow ourselves to be imprisoned in our own homes (indeed, we INSIST upon being imprisoned in our own homes!).

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Unfortunately, people have shockingly short memories when it comes to their Master’s screwups.
    That’s pretty much the reason why we are where we are.


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