Curiouser and Curiouser

What do ventilators, shady software, a new internet, and Blackberry have in common?:

Millie Weaver finds herself in the middle of her own investigation, and what she finds out could be extremely dangerous! This is a must-watch investigative video report.

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  1. If you can’t “research” and get the identifier for a person in your own video, not sure I’d trust your smartphone.
    Lex Fridman MIT AI mislabeled as Michael Baker (purported former c i a analyst, clearly a teevee apologist for the agency).

  2. I just watched an episode of a show where the hospital medical devices were hacked.
    I’ll have to learn more about this QUX.


    How, indeed…

    “If they can make a Fed switch that shuts down your car, what’s to stop them from making a switch that causes your car to speed up uncontrollably? I mean, they can already do that, but the target car’s onboard computer has to be tweaked by IC techs. With a Fed Kill switch, any car will be ready to stop…or go.”—Thirdtwin

    And as I said elsewhere, it makes you wonder what’s really going on with these automotive computer chip “shortages”.

    Michael Hastings, Harrison Deal, Lars Vilks…who else?

  4. Meh…..For every ECM, there’s a hacker that can remedy this kill switch bullshit.
    There are hundreds of computer experts out there tweaking the Engine Control Modules to make them more efficient, powerful, etc.

  5. BAD VIDEO. Disjointed, impossible to follow.

    Would someone please provide the missing introduction, i.e. what is QUX.


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