Current Jeopardy Champ Is An Idiot


Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider has stated that any Republican voted into office in her home state of Ohio would work to “make life harder for her.”

The engineering manager has made history as the first transgender woman to qualify for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions as she enjoys a phenomenal win streak that has seen her clock up 12 consecutive wins and earn $483,000 to date. More

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  1. I refuse to watch that program any more with it’s idiot “I’m a real neuroscientist!” Big (nobody would) Bang her hostess twinkie.

  2. They say it is a lesbian.
    Dude was born with the right equipment presumably to satisfy women.
    Why switch to a smaller pool of mates?
    I also read where lesbos are not into trannies causing consternation within the moronic alphabet crowd.

    I hope the batshit crazy asshole loses soon but the next two weeks is some other bullshit tournament he isn’t competing in.

    BTW, did he explain HOW republicans make his life harder?
    Perhaps by saying men can’t have babies?
    Oh MY !!!

  3. Since the GOP does not bow down to the Alphabet agenda, not giving the phallus removers special/privileged status, believe that there are real-world differences between men and women, men can not get pregnant and that trans-women should not compete in women’s sports, yes, she should be very wary of the adults in the room.

  4. It is making life difficult for itself all by itself. Evidently, it wants govt to ease the pain of its own decisions’ consequences. Some (most?) Repugnicans aren’t into that class of govt action, so it’s in a snit.

  5. LBS

    TERF = Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist

    That is what they call Feminists, Usually Lesbian, who refuse to date Transgender (used to be male) So. as you are saying, the Alphabet Soup is busy fighting with itself.

    2 things bug me:
    1) That I know this shit
    2) That I agree with the Lesbians. They should not have to compete against (or date) Men with their dicks cut off or Duct taped.

    If you like pussy, then why should you settle for a mauled, hand made, Pastrami Sandwich.

  6. Furthermore, The way TV & News are being manipulated now days, I would not put it past Jeopardy to MANIPULATE the OUTCOME for the Greater Good.

    IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE: Redford made a movie about it called Quiz Show

    Who gives a shit? I’m watching GEORGIA vs. ALABAMA

  7. I knew that the minute Alex Trebek was gone Jeopardy would become Woke Jeopardy and so I never watched a minute of it since.

  8. Aw boo hoo, woe is me. Already playing the victim card. Wrong asshole, if you live your life like the majority of the people out there, you’ll be fine. If you want to go into a Gamestop and insist on being called “ma’am” or bitch that you were called “sir” in public settings, then yeah, you’ll have to face the music. You mentally ill retard.

  9. @Kcir

    Since you are now our official TERF expert (you might want to leave that off your resume) I have some questions. Help a brother out.

    Does a trans woman have to cut off her/his dick or is hormone therapy enough? What about a crossdresser that just feels feminine on a given day, can he/she self declare as trans and get the trans discount at IHOP? What about the trans woman that likes women and wants to keep his dick preferring outdoor plumbing, can he still find love on EHarmony? And most important, does the LGBTQ community have a secret handshake?

  10. So much crap is pre-planned, orchestrated, controlled or otherwise rigged that I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeopardy was included.

  11. Rich Taylor

    If you want to understand TERF, may I suggest watching Dave Chappelles special, the Closer, on Netflix.

  12. All “trans” are simply psychopaths. It’s just that simple. They should be pushed to the margins of society.

  13. He makes life difficult for everyone around him. Women have to worry he will need to use the same restroom, locker room, shower or changing room while they are using it. Men have to worry they will have to step in and beat up a p.c. victim, when they intrude on their wife’s or daughter’s privacy. Heroes have to take a backseat while these freakshows are honored. Everyone is force to lie by Government law to spare the feelings of these creatures.

  14. Sad that Jeopardy has gone woke. I don’t watch it anymore, especially with the planned distraction of a trans contestant.
    The man, who is not a womam obviously loves attention – by any means. Going through life proudly as a psychotic, self-absorbed narcissist makes his life just the way he wants it.
    BTW, Bet he’s taking just enough hormones to get rid of his facial hair, but no surgery to get rid of his genitals. Doubt he’s a truly dedicated tranny.

    God made him a man with considerable intelligence yet, he’d rather be known as a deviant with an agenda. For him, being a normal man is too ordinary.
    Schneider knows our progressive socialist culture promotes his deviant behavior. A match made in Hell.
    The fact that he’s gaming the system by tweeting leftist talking points
    and playing the role of a victim to the hilt gets him all the attention he needs.
    That’s all that matters to him.

  15. “first transgender woman to qualify for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions”
    A “champ”?
    Sure looks like an identity politics affirmative action POS product.
    Go run to your safe space. You are not nothing but an idiot who would fail basic real life challenge test.

  16. “Shoot em, bag em, bury em.”
    Same as you do with mad dogs and wolves.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  17. There is something that’ll never get hard for him. His whanger, of course because it’s been detached and has been incinerated or he pickled it in a jar.

    Makes me wonder what happens to discarded penises. Selling them to queers to be bronzed and made into earrings is a possibility.

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