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Cut the Cord on Fox News


Anna Paulina was taken off the air and the moronic Fox host was overly dramatic about what she said (which I thought was very accurate.)

Worse has been said about Trump and Fox doesn’t go into meltdown or lockdown.


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  1. Faux has been dead to me for such a long time.

    Let me count the ways:
    it has always sown panic,
    Shepherd Smith,
    Dana Perino,
    Bob Becker,
    Juan Williams,
    that shyster idiot Geraldo
    that constant ‘News Alert’ banner, or whatever it says!

    Faux is so obviously and assininely NOT unbiased and never has been.

    And Anna needs a medal for telling the truth. HRC is herpes.

  2. The next time I’ll watch Fox News for more than an hour will be when my parents visit. Otherwise, NHL hockey has replaced Baier, Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham. If they say something good, it’ll show up here or on CTH. That’s all I need to know.

  3. Shep is worthless. I used to love Lou Dobbs, but lately he has disappointed me.

    This is all okay. I have made better use of my time doing without Fox.

  4. Ed Henry is very quick to criticize a lot of People. He’s getting on my nerves and his cohost from New Orleans, the Neville Brothers sister, can’t think of her name……. she belongs on CNN. Her questions to anyone are a complete essay, 5000 word salad, something that could be asked in one short sentence.
    I wish someone could tell me what is ”One America news” I’ve heard people speak of it here before. Is it computer or TV is it on dish.. what Channel number.?

  5. and Mighty Mogo

    I agree with you fully, she needs a metal regarding herpes.

    I find the best news comes from Elizabeth McDonald on Fox business. She doesn’t allow any filibustering. She gets to the point, and she interrupts if they go off subject. I loved her when she was on Imus in the morning. I’m glad she’s got her own NewsHour show. Here in Mississippi she’s opposite Brett Behr, I think it’s 206 dish

  6. Fox has lost its way certainly. The weekend anchors are especially terrible. You now have Jillian Turner sitting opposite that annoying twit Leland Vittert. She’s has turned out to be a liberal disguised as someone who has a brain. Vittert can’t interview a conservative without sarcasm and loud interuptions and mispronouncing words. By the way, never trust someone who admits that up to this very day, has never seen a Star Wars movie in his life. But I digress. Then it’s the weekend when you have the Trump hating iron rod up his ass Eric Shaun with his constantly shooting glances at the camera/monitor during interviews just to make sure he’s showing up on the screen. I think Arthel Neville is the other anchor (more of the same). During the week, we are graced with Never Trumpers like Neil Cavuto along with that queen of Trump haters, Shepard Smith. I could go on forever about him but you all familiar with this horse’s ass so I won’t. Let’s not forget the myriad of Fox News liberal “contributors” as well as the despicable lying bint such as Marie Harf short time State Department spoksperson for Obama who has now been given her own show on Fox. Now, Rick Levanthal has surprised me with wimpering about language used to describe Clinton which, by the way, was on point. Sadly there are many more examples of Fox’s slide into main stream sludge that would take up too much of my time. It’s too bad. Fox News has begun that swirl down the drain.

  7. I stopped watching them well over a decade ago. But didn’t put an antenna in the attic and cut the cable until a little over a year ago, a delay I daily regret

  8. She should should have said.. “Hillary is like a mild case of genital herpes that can be treated but never cured.”


  9. HRC is a single bacillus in a vast plague.
    It’s a mistake to focus on one greedy shit-stain while ignoring the millions of minions doing much greater damage. She’s become the Pat Paulsen of Politics and doesn’t even seem to realize it (much to the amusement of the rational). She’s a poster child for all that is wrong (discernibly) with the nihilists – the greed, the corruption, the lack of restraint, the mendacity, the murderousness, the fawning toadiness of the Press, and the fecklessness – and it would really be a shame for her to retire as the Americans would lose a great foil, a great target of “point and laugh.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Att……………Leo MacG. You said it all. ….it was Arthel Nevilles name that I couldn’t remember but you are right, she is the word salad full of boring contentious lengthy soliloquy. And belongs on CNN.


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