Cut the Wire, a Children’s Pipe Bomb Disposal Game, Pulled From Shelves After Parent Outrage

The Sun-

The toy is a “fun game of luck” according to its Hong Kong makers but sales have been halted after parents felt Cut The Wire went too far.

In the game, players compete to see who will cut the right wire to defuse the device and “save the day”.

The toy is one of many espionage toys from Yulu, who also released a Russian Roulette-style game which sees players press a plastic watermelon to their heads, hoping that it won’t break and soak them with water.

After outrage from parents, sales of the bomb disposal toy have been halted at Walmart and Target, and the toy has been pulled from Amazon in the US.

On Twitter, one parent said: “How about ‘Duck and Cover: The Biological Attack Version’ next?”

Along side an image of the toy, another said: “So this was a real toy?! A game in which the child has to cut the wire on a bomb?! #evenmy8yearoldknowsthatsodd”.

According to the New York Times, Yulu said it had halted manufacturing the item in October, and its president Joachem van Rijn added: “We’re very sorry for any concern the game may have caused and, therefore, we are no longer shipping new product in the market in North America.”

The toy didn’t just cause controversy with parents while on sale in the US – a Sheriff’s deputy in Florida resigned after he sent the game through internal mail to a colleague which resulted in the evacuation of a building.


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  1. Man, I would have loved that thing as a child.

    So would have my parents, it would have diverted me from doing all the real stuff I did that scared them half to death.

    Of course, that was a very long time ago. If I were growing up today I would probably be in prison before I was twelve.

  2. America is now a land of pussies in one corner, barbarians in another, perverts in a third and normal people in the fourth. We’re outnumbered 3 to one.

  3. It’s Januhairy and some lady got her labs in a pinch and made a stink. Had this been a “Mission Impossible” game I suspect it would have passed muster. This is what life with men of both sexes does, it steals all the fun.

  4. I want ’em to bring back holsters and six gun cap pistols! …..Lady in Red

    PS: Why do these pussy parents buy these toys for their kids in the first place?

  5. Looks like cheap china ABS or PET plastic to me, colorful for children. Has a destructive bomb ever been made from these plastics? Suppose if someone built it out of Legos buildings would also be evacuated.

    I’ll be printing some of these to send around town. See what kind of luck I’ll have.

  6. Next up to be created – and then banned – is the game of “Drain The Swamp!” where children win by forcing millions of government bureaucrats across America to join the ranks of the unemployed.

  7. New and available at your local al-Mart:

    “Sorry! Not Sorry!” A new twist on an old favorite. Roll the dice to see who can offer the most insincere non-apology and who’ll take the blame. For ages 35 and up.

    “Hangman” – When will we ever learn that Democracy doesn’t work? You are a mid-career professional at the FBI charged with overturning a US Election. You better frame that stupid candidate the Walmart people voted for before November 2nd. But don’t get caught or you’ll face The Hangman!

    “Battleship” – As the Rear Admiral aboard the USS Harvey Milk, you’ve got to keep your wits about you to find the enemy armada somewhere in the South Pacific. Will you find them before the USS John McCain slams into your battleship? Watch your ass and your aft.

  8. My parents never batted an eye when we headed out into the woods with a gas can, Styrofoam cups, candles and matches. That’s how we learned that gasoline dissolves Styrofoam, but that the polystyrene makes a hell of a fire. Of course in those days, nobody thought twice about 14 year-olds smoking, either. Even in restaurants.

  9. …you know, speaking of odd games, there’s actually a game where you blindfold your freind, set up a synthetic “poop” obstacle course, and challenge them to walk through it without stepping in any.

    Must be training for when the whole country becomes San Francisco…

  10. ” On Twitter, one parent said: “How about ‘Duck and Cover: The Biological Attack Version’ next?” ”

    No, ya crabby crunt. That game is already being played all over the US and Canada, thanks to the whole NO WALL thing at the border with Mexico.

    Not to mention all the ‘muslim refugees’ 0bama poured in.

  11. Cheap Chinese toy – still, it looks like fun.
    Selling for mega bucks on eBay. Get one while you can before eBay stops selling them.
    Prices vary.

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