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CVS is Now Offering Generic EpiPen at 1/6th of the Cost

GNN: Over 9,000 different CVS branches nationwide are now carrying generic versions similar to the allergy-treating EpiPen, but priced at one-sixth the cost of the product currently marketed by Mylan.

Mylan has been criticized for hiking the price of the life-saving drug by 500% since 2007. CVS is now selling an EpiPen dual pack for $109.99 as opposed to the outrageous price of $600.

11 Comments on CVS is Now Offering Generic EpiPen at 1/6th of the Cost

  1. Another example of why the government will eventually control the drug industry. Big Pharma has been legally raping the healthcare system. No one on either side will be happy with the results once government gets more involved in drug pricing.

  2. Bubba, they just need to release the restrictions on competition and it will fix itself

  3. Free the pharma markets for consumers.

    Let folks in Smallville ND fill their scrips online from any licensed pharmacy in the 50 states.
    FDA monitors to ensure no one’s selling sawdust, or counterfeits.

    Big online pharmacies like MEDCO fill most Tier 1 & 2 drugs at $10 for 90 day supplies.
    They are managing to make a profit.
    Open that up to everyone.

    I like that Trump is talking about Pharma companies bringing their manufacturing back to the USA.

  4. wizzum – Yep. My insulin comes from a company who are based over seas. I’m pretty sure if they figured out how to make it, someone else could too.

  5. I am concerned about my pharmacy filling generic prescriptions made in China. I keep forgetting to ask the pharmacist.

  6. Free market capitalism at its finest. This is what separates us from Venezuela – a country so thoroughly socialist that people can’t even find toilet paper to buy

  7. Even at 1/6th the cost of the Epipen it is STILL expensive and overpriced.

    And you can blame that on our litigious society.

  8. Tucker just nailed the black lady that is trying to become the next chair-thing of the demonRat party about Obama doing nothing about drug prices & Trump is doing it even before he becomes President

    ….she mumbled back about Obama had to fight republicans since he became pressy-dent …. leaving out that he had a majority his first 2 years & had his famous Siamese Twins, ‘Pen’ & ‘Phone’

  9. Thank the good Lord that none in my immediate
    family need those life savers, or their prices.

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