CVS Tells Employees They Need to ‘Understand Their Privilege’ and Take Action to ‘Mitigate Bias’

Examples of privilege included celebrating Christmas and having a name with an easy pronunciation, according to Rufo’s report.

Townhall: Employees at CVS received “woke training,” where they were told to understand their privileges, mitigate their biases and hire workers based on diversity, a recording from within CVS Health corporation showed.

“Understanding your privileges and how to leverage them so we can support others is a key component in being an active ally,” CVS employees were told during an online call obtained by Fox Business.

“Allyship is the act of advocating for as well as supporting communities other than your own,” the call continued. “So being an ally means that we’re aware of our own identities as well as the intersectional identities of others. We’re recognizing and actively mitigating bias, and we’re modeling inclusive leadership behaviors.”

CVS employees were also told to fill out a “personal commitment plan” that detailed their plans to “take specific action” to “mitigate bias” and “practice conscious inclusion” in the next five days, five weeks and five months. more

20 Comments on CVS Tells Employees They Need to ‘Understand Their Privilege’ and Take Action to ‘Mitigate Bias’

  1. lmAo!!!

    If cvs understands their privilege and bias i think its time for some cvs reparations!
    Time to start stealing from cvs yes?

  2. So working at CVS is considered a “privileged” opportunity?….WOW!!! The elites in the hierachy at CVS really do have a holier than thou opinion of the company don’t they.

  3. To appease 5% of the customer base they offend the other 95% of their customer base and 99% of their employees (there’s probably that 1% that like this shit).

  4. Typical New England leftist snobbery.

    They don’t let them burn witches anymore, so they take their collective anger out on those who can’t fight back.

  5. if cvs has the time and/or money to think this up and make plans ti implement it…………..
    then cvs has way to much money and to much spare time!!!

  6. The employees should find gainful employment elsewhere.
    Being a stooge to some PC maggots isn’t what they’re paid to do.

    Tell em:
    I Quit.
    Fuck Off.
    Eat Shit.
    And Die.
    (how ya like my privilege, now?)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. CVS shareholders need to sue for causing the devaluation of the company. It’s a for-profit business, not social justice organization.

  8. Privilege is “having a name with an easy pronunciation”? That leaves out the Irish then. Eoghan? Aoife? Meabh? Oisin? Saoirse? Caoimhe?

  9. Dumped CVS Caremark some years back for their incompetency and comically naive attempts to insert themselves into political and gullible ‘social justice’ circles. Their pharmacists and tech aides are a laughable and inexperienced lot who have caused great harm to Rx customers.

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