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Cynthia A Johnson, Detroit’s Finest

If you watched the Michigan House Oversight Hearing, yesterday, you were treated to quite a spectrum of misbehavior by elected democrats. Of particular note was 5th District state house member, Cynthia A Johnson.

Johnson was called out during the hearing for trying to intimidate witness before the cameras. Watch

She was gaveled when demanding witnesses be under oath and accusing them of lying during the same witness testimony. Watch

Representative Johnson couldn’t let the session end without getting gaveled down one last time by trying to read e-mails from her constituents into the hearing. Watch

This meme seems to sum up the participation of Representative Johnson perfectly. Here

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  1. Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid. Mark Twain

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

  2. She’s right up there with Sen Elena Parent aka Karen of Georgia who screeches…”debunked, debunked, debunked” when presented with the State Farm Arena video today.

  3. What a piece of work. I’m embarrassed to think we are from the same state.

  4. Bill, someone on Twitter thinks she must be Hank (Guam will tip over) Johnson’s sister! Just as crazy, too.

  5. Typical black democrat shitbag. She wants to get this woman doxxed and destroyed. That’s why she wants to have her spell out her name and describe her personal history.

  6. This is a prime example of just how far down the toilet America has gone, when these types of waste are elected and surface over and over to show their class (scum).

  7. It was great that she demonstrated to Americans what type of people we are dealing with. Johnson is too dense to realize it but she confirmed to many minds the testimonies stating the thuggery and corruption happening with the vote counting.

  8. Exhibit A in the expose’ of Black Privilege. She pulled every Black Card in the deck from “suppression of black voters” to “This is about me!” (as she raised her “Angry Black Woman” voice). I’m somewhat disappointed she didn’t stand up, give the Black Power salute and start reciting Maya Angelou while mimicking Al ‘Shakedown’ Sharpton.

    I’m serious. She was proud of her own disgusting ignorance.

    But seriously serious: This is who runs America’s “inner” cities. This is WHY too many black Americans STILL believe they are “opressed” by Whitey. WHY they still believe their own so-called African ancestry and so-called heritage is superior to anything America (read White America) can offer them other than reparations.

    I’m so outraged by this woman, I cannot even find the words to describe my disgust with her.

  9. …and that ABSOLUTE JACKASS, MI Rep Camarillo (or whatever his name is — the white punk with the Elvis hairdo)!! His Johnny One Note “for the record” was to cite some judge who apparently proclaimed every witnesses’ testimony to have been “uncredible”. That was his entire contribution to the hearing. Except when Col. Waldron showed up with his reams of data analysis based on MI State’s own election data. Uh oh! When asked by the chair if he had any questions for Waldron, Donkey Boy mumbled “I pass” into his microphone. I don’t know if this was before or after America’s Mayor handed him back his chewed-up ass.

    C.A. Johnson is a Johnson and the rest of MI’s Commie Dems are as dumb as a mashed potato sandwich.

  10. MJlA — And the Repub Chairman was Exhibit A in why we never see any of these asshat traitors shuffling off to Leavenworth in their orange jumpsuits and wearing jailhouse jewelry, never to be seen and heard from again! He did a grave disservice to every single witness in that room and those who might have thought of coming forward. After the second time that ignorant ass Johnson started in with evil BS, he should have had her ejected by the Sgt. at Arms. He was afraid of her skin color and her big fat mouth. This is the problem with nearly all Republican pols. It makes me sick! I wish there was such a thing as visible thought bubbles.


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