D.C. Plays Only One Game

We have a dysfunctional government. The House and Senate have majority opposition over Obama, yet we have a budget deal that increases spending for the remainder of his term and won’t start cutting back until two years after he’s gone.


Kick the Can

See a graph summary of the Bipartisan Budget Act here

Overview of some of the more important provisions in the 144 page deal here


13 Comments on D.C. Plays Only One Game

  1. Republicans have set a world record: how fast and how often they could bend over and grab their ankles. Without even being asked to do so.

    Congratulations. And GFY

  2. $37B (2016) + $36B (2017) = debt ceiling < enough. Pegged at limit by January 2017.

    These are crooks we're dealing with.

  3. boehner’s parting shot to the citizens of the US.
    His betrayal is complete.

    ryan, the next speaker, said the deal stinks, Watch, he’ll vote for it just like the other progressive lemmings.

  4. I am of the firm belief that most of these political (public servants) have hordes of little boy skeletons hidden deep in their closets, waiting to be exposed by their adversaries when the timing is right. Think of Dennis Hastert and remember Hillary has copies’ of 900+ FBI files ready and waiting.

  5. I am so disgusted with our “leaders” I can’t stand it! The level of corruption is so deep I don’t think it can be fixed, we’re so screwed!

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