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DACA showdown traps Dems

American Thinker: Democrats have promised to shut the government down if DACA is not included in the budget bill.  The president refused to sign off on a spending agreement reached in the Senate that would have included DACA legislation, calling the Democrats’ bluff.  Speaker Paul Ryan said at a Wisconsin political event that there would be no deal with Democrats on DACA legislation, which would legalize hundreds of thousands of children of illegal aliens.  He also said there would be no government shutdown when Washington hits the deadline of January 19 to pass a spending bill.

Trump has backed Democrats against the wall.  By stipulating that there would be no relief for DREAMers without a major overhaul of the immigration system, Trump is upping the ante to get what he wants on border security and immigration reform by separating DACA from the spending bill.  The opposition will have far less leverage if Republicans can pass a temporary spending bill, probably funding the government into March.

Meanwhile, Ryan sounded confident that a stopgap spending bill can be passed.  read more

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  1. He was out the other day singing the praises of the immigrant community in Janesville. African doctors, Mexican lawyers etc. I wish he’d start thinking more about our citizens instead of constantly virtue signaling.

  2. I kind of want to see what a Dem government shutdown looks like. It would no doubt be hailed by the media as a long-overdue cleansing and therapeutic necessity. They’d probably even tell us that the government never really shuts down. That would be the only truth they’ve told in ages.

  3. President Trump needs to formulate a ‘cease payment’ list, to carry the government through any democRAT shutdown of government.
    1) suspend ALL funding to ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    2) suspend all funding for planned parenthood
    3) suspend payment for congressional perks, credit cards use, or expense reimbursements
    And so on.
    Obama picked and chose which parts of the government he would shut down, and he politically punished America, rather than using practical reasoning to utilize available funds.

  4. They are so desperate to FLIP FLORIDA blue, and get those illegals registered, they’ll do anything.

    Better SECEDED into Red States while you have the chance.

  5. Democrats realized Trump negotiated them into a lose/lose position so they try to save face by using the word 600 times on CNN they claim Trump used in a private conversation to scuttle negotiation.

    What they don’t take into the equation is we have no obligation to change the law allow a select group of illegals to live her and furthermore, we don’t want them.

    Illegals are beggars yelling you didn’t put enough in the cup.

  6. I hate the term ‘dreamers’. It annoys the crap out of me.

    Let them ‘dream’ about changing their own shithole countries, at home where they belong.

  7. Make no mistake the Dems won’t hesitate trying to hostage the budget, our military, for DACA. Because “It’s for the children”. Trump knows, and the Dems know, shutting down our military is not an option. Military personnel won’t get paid, but they still show up. Military replacement parts, food, fuel, etc already has money contractually set aside. The Defense Logistic Agency administers these contract. The DLA is managed by the military but it’s employees are civilians. They won’t be showing up. The Defense Contractors Management Agency OK’s the deliverables for payment. They won’t be showing up either. So they’re will be no movement of these items.

    What we need to do is tie entitlement programs to Government shut downs. But the Dems have more of a bargaining chip here than people realize.

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