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Daikon Legs


[From  The Really Truly Hillary Gallery]


If you don’t speak Pidgin, here’s the definition of ‘Daikon Legs’. 

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  1. There’s a White House joke that the last time she laid on her back and spread her legs for Bill he screamed,”Release the Kraken!”

  2. I found some ladies rain boots at Walmart one day, they had a tag on them that said, wide calf.

    Really? That’s a thing?

  3. Uncle Al – Thanks.
    Now I can add two-toed to her description as:
    The two-toed, screeching Basilisk with yellow hair, green eyes, red hands, black heart, forked-tongue, ugly, rotten, tone-deaf, filthy, four-flushing, money grubbing, influence pedaling, prevaricating, old, cold, calculating, Benghazi-Bullshitting, deceitful, divisive, thoroughly corrupt criminal business partner of a bicycle seat-sniffing trailer park troll with a voice so shrill it can actually make yer ears squint and a level of dishonesty that is only exceeded by unbridled greed and lust for money & power!

  4. Rat, I hope nobody takes away your hyphen key, ever! I somebody tries, hit ’em with *&%$#&*((^(*(|?>!!

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