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Dairy Queen Gets Giant Spoon Stolen

The Phoenix Dairy Queen’s proprietors are still wondering who would take the huge red spoon sculpture from outside their store and why.

The owners believe the spoon theft took place between Friday night and Saturday morning. The spoon, which measured 15 feet (4.5 meters) in height, was propped up against the building’s exterior, its handle resting in a parapet opening. Two suspects were seen on video tampering with the screws that fastened the spoon to its base before fleeing on a “small motorcycle.”

According to Raman Kalra, “they were so exact about it like they had done it before.” They carefully wriggled their way in, taking care not to bend the spoon.

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5 Comments on Dairy Queen Gets Giant Spoon Stolen

  1. Back in the 80’s we stole a large fiberglass bell off of a Taco Bell.
    I put in our basement & Mom never even bothered to question me about it.

    Why did we take it?
    Why do people climb Everest?

  2. I’d check Hunter the cokehead artist.

    Smoke Smells
    Any fellow grillers ever heard of, or better yet,
    Grilled at a Place called UR COOKS?
    Was around 20 or so years ago
    No longer exists but I still smell it
    Ate there every chance
    The Dog Friendly Townhouse Extended Stay Hotel Next Door
    Good Times
    Good Times
    I now have hankerings to grill, but have no meat
    Nor a grill
    So I will refresh the page
    Does anybody remember UR Cooks?

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