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Dairy State Election Integrity A Load Of Manure


After a 10-month review of the 2020 election in the Dairy State, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has compiled its findings — which set off alarm bells about the state’s massive election integrity shortcomings and reveal weaknesses the swing state must shore up before the next election.

The review, which WILL said it approached “without presumption as to what it would find,” included polling, surveys, an inspection of the law, interviews with elected officials, an analysis of almost 20,000 ballots and 29,000 absentee ballot envelopes, as well as a review of tens of thousands of documents obtained through more than 460 open records requests.

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  1. For 69 years the man I voted for 9 (nine) ties said hundreds of times between ’47 and ’88 “Big Business/Big Labor; same coin 2 sides!” Today Ronny would say Big Business WOKE! Most were not smart enough to see through the UNIPARTY’s lies; Ronny was- and did not keep it to himself!
    Business lied when it/they said they were conservative! Business still lies!

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