Damn Capitalist System Leaves Employees In Tears…. of Joy

Mark Ruffalo, are you watching? When does this happen in a socialist system?


Employees of St. John Properties got the surprise of a lifetime after the company’s founder announced the company is giving a $10 million bonus to be divided amongst its 198 employees. That includes nine people who work at the company’s Salt Lake City office.

During the company’s annual holiday party, St. John Properties founder and chairman Edward St. John shocked his employees with the news.

Watch the announcement and some priceless reactions in this clip


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12 Comments on Damn Capitalist System Leaves Employees In Tears…. of Joy

  1. I had not checked my 401 for quite awhile and, when I did today…HOLY SH!T!


  2. MANY years ago Huntsman Chemical was famous for its Christmas Bonuses.

    Stopped the year before I came to work for them for a few years…

  3. I don’t understand how these people can be so happy, said the lone snowflake in the crowd. The bonus is less than 0.3% of the total value of the company real estate holdings. It is not enough. it’s not NEARLY enough. I don’t know how much would BE enough but I KNOW 10 mil is not enough.

    and what is this crap about the bonus being based on how long they have worked there? Definitely discriminatory against newer employees. That’s age-ist, or something. Maybe we can sue the company for age discrimination so we can get a settlement that will get closer to being enough. but it still won’t be enough. It’s never enough.

    We newer people shouldn’t be happy until we all have an equal share of any bonus pool.

    (sarc off) if you didn’t realize it.

    Seriously an average of $50k is not a bad bonus!!! Good for all of them and for the company management. I wish I was eligible :(:(

  4. Nevermind, when the domocrats take power everyone will get equal outcome. That’s plank #1 in their political platform. I’m not making this up.

  5. And of course it happened to the least interesting, most privileged people on the face of the planet: white heteronormative folks.

    If 100% of them don’t give their fair share of 50% to blacks and 50% to illegals, and 50% to LGBT, I’m gunna clench my fists, jump up, jump down and scream RAYCISS!!

  6. Benito,

    Zonga is correct. Not in 2020, but down the road a few years. It’s inevitable.

    The American Left will never stop punishing us for inflicting Trump on them twice; any means they’ll be able to use to take revenge on us, they will feel 100% justification for using. I’m not talking just about antifa retards and gangbangers standing in front of voting places. I’m talking about the federal government itself, and some state and local governments.

    Yesterday shows that we will have little to no chance of stopping them because a faceless bureaucracy makes “errors” but knows no guilt. They’ve immunized themselves from us.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet.


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