Damn these seasonal allergies…

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  1. It’s a sure sign of what is missing in this country.
    (Much of which can be blamed on our own government).

  2. I used to coach youth basketball. My goal was to have everyone score during the season because of the thrill. I was always appreciative of the referees who helped.

  3. Awesome stuff, but a little context here would go a long way. Is this a “challenger” league? By that I mean a league that caters to handicapped kids (of which I am a fan and have worked with). If not, there’s some inherent philosophical issues that I can see.

  4. Why don’t they just admit that
    none of the ” vaccines ” worked
    because they weren’t vaccines ?

  5. No, Figen. His “single” (“defiant”?), mommery household… all of them… as well as… especially… all of yours… should have their paperwork lost at the boxcars.

    If you don’t understand why… nobody can help you.


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