Dan Bongino: Sources Say Joe Biden Is Reaching the Point of No Return, Democrats Will Have a Decision to Make


Is Joe Biden reaching the point of no return mentally? That’s the word from Dan Bongino, who shared earlier today that he’s hearing from sources close to the situation that Joe Biden is worsening and that Democrats will have a decision to make soon.

For context see Joe Biden’s Brain Crashes So Thoroughly That It Spawns a New Meme and Joe Biden Blanks Out and Then Insults Martin Luther King In Disaster Public Comments for some examples of his latest mind melting moments.

Here’s Bongino’s post.

We’ve all seen how hard Biden’s campaign is working to hide his mental degradation. This is a guy who can’t give a short press conference without a list of hand chosen reporters to call on and detailed notes on how to answer basic questions. Absolutely nothing he does anymore is off the cuff, which is why said press conferences only happen ever three to four months. His speeches are short and even his most scripted moments are painful to watch. He’s been doing live streams from his basement and routinely forgets that he’s talking to a recording. Just the other day, he forgot where he was again, a very common theme from many of his public appearances. more here

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  1. I have been saying all along that Biden’s job was to drive the younger, untested people out of the race and keep the seat warm until the last minute when the DNC puts its preferred candidate in at the last minute without having to be vetted. That candidate will be seen as a saviour and would not have had to have gone through months of scrutiny.

  2. All the commie D’rats want is a breathing body and a mouth that will say what they put into it. He will be like Woodrow Wilson in his last years in office when he was comatose and kept locked away while his wife and an aide secretely ran the country. The other way is to get his guaranteed Communist VP to replace him after a few months.
    If you think BO was stinky, if Biden wins, Americans lose.

  3. John: Your spot on, the democrats want a brain dead puppet they can work from behind the curtain. Joe is perfect if he can keep up the illusion of having a mind with the use of strings.

  4. If elected, Biden will be the figurehead for the Democrat politburo. We may start seeing some internal turf wars between Democrats as they position themselves for power – just like the cartels.

  5. The only job these idiots have is picking a vp who is will be president if biden is elected. They don’t have any decision other than that. They’re not going to take him off the ballot unless the nation sees what a fool he is in a debate, and a debate is never going to happen.

    BEcause just like always, the left doesn’t want a debate and the elected pols in the right will NOT DO A DAMN THING TO TRY TO CHANGE IT. NOT ONE DAMN THING.
    The left almost always gets everything they want.

    and that’s why i will never vote again. why the f should i? we just got locked down and are forced to wear a mask after we elected a republican pres and republican governors in the majority of states, including indiana where i reside.

    the republican party is not going to save you, me or anybody else from jack shit.

  6. Like the Chicoms, the DemocRATS have no more resources to attach themselves to. To both parties, it’s kamikaze time, they don’t care and will take the world with them. If they can’t have the power, no one will. Lord come quickly.

  7. They made the decision months ago. I still think it’s Bloomberg because he will buy the nomination to satisfy his ego and miraculously steer the boat from extreme left to “moderate” now that they’ve used Biden as a trial balloon to see how far left they can go with any chance of winning.

  8. @xxx: “the republican party is not going to save you, me or anybody else from jack shit.”

    You’re right about that. No party is going to save you, you should never live your life as if they were here to save you. Like the Chicoms, it’s every man for himself. We are just collateral damage, don’t make yourself collateral. By being prepared, you have one up on them.

    BTW, I had a relative that died in May. We just found out that they’re still at the morgue – they lacked making plans for their final day on earth. No hurry for the government to find relatives, and so it goes.

  9. I agree with RadioMatt and JustAl. Biden will drop out in late September and Bloomberg will be nominated. Doomberg will be presented as the democrat version of Trump – two businessmen running mano-a-mano. But before that, a VP candidate acceptable to the crazy Bernie bros will be announced.

  10. I’m… actually a bit anxious when I think about what the DNC might try and pull with regards to Biden- I wouldn’t put it past them to bring in someone who wasn’t in any of the primary debates as his replacement.

  11. in the immortal words of Chris Plante …

    “If Joe Biden had a brain he’d be out in traffic, playing with it”

  12. bite me’s job was to be a placeholder for ???
    the unanticipated problem is he ain’t gonna be able to finish his task

  13. They were hoping to at least to get him into the White House then have the Black Female VP replace him and their House Speaker to take the VP slot.

    BTW: Read a comment on how Biden only looking for Black Female VP’s. The comment made a point that it sure sounded RACIST & SEXIST to only be looking for a Black Female for the position instead of the best qualified.

  14. I agree with xxx except that Donald Trump has earned our vote. I have little use for most Republicans (RINOs), but Trump has pulled no punches in telling the truth
    about the leftists. No one has done that before in my lifetime, not Goldwater nor Reagan. By God, only death will kept from voting for him.


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