Dan Bongino’s Interview With Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

Spygate, the Clinton email scandal, and the impeachment fiasco.

4 Comments on Dan Bongino’s Interview With Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

  1. I remain perplexed why the president isn’t appointing council and releasing documents, he has to know all this and see the stonewalling coming even from people he appointed. This is killing his presidency and slowing much of what he wants to get done. Worse still, it leaves a murky and tangled mess that the next president will have to either try to confront or be a hostage of.
    Is it so as not to soil the image of the “First Black President}? If not why else.? Everything else seems secondary to this mess.

  2. @gin blossom
    Let’s see what happens come December 2020 when President Trump wins reelection (please God, make it so) and the gloves could come off on both sides. The swamp is deep and nasty, so it could get really ugly.

  3. Seems to me he’d have better odds in the election if he had some of these people back on their heels.
    Either way, I’m still doing what I can.


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